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9 Practical Ways on How to Clean the Seat Belts in Your Car

As a car owner, you know that cleaning its interior and exterior is part of regular maintenance. But while this is true, there is also one of the essential parts of your car that most owners usually neglect when cleaning: The seat belt.

The seat belt is one of the most used parts of your car, especially if you have kids. Unfortunately, it is also one of the dirtiest parts, especially where you place your face. Yes, that’s right. The seat belt around the shoulder and neck is the dirtiest part of your car. However, it may be a bit hard for you because the seat belt is a very delicate part of your car. 

Aside from that, the seat belt is located in a part of your car that is very hard to reach, especially if you don’t have a long arm. If you want to clean the seat belt in your vehicle, there are things that you can do. Here are some practical tips on how to clean the seat belts:

1. Brush the Dirt First

It is important that you first brush the dirt from your seat belt. However, you don’t have to use a hard brush to do this. 

Instead, you can use a soft brush. Make sure that you brush the seat belt gently so that you will not damage it.

2. Get Rid of Stains

After brushing the seat belt, you can move on and get rid of stains. You need to use a cleaning agent with good cleaning power to eliminate the stains. 

Make sure that you choose a cleaning agent that is safe for almost any kind of fabric. After all, you don’t want to damage your seat belt and make it irreparable.

3. Clean the Headrest of the Seat Belt

If you want to clean the headrest of the seat belt, you can use any cleaning agent that you have in your home. Oftentimes, people use hairspray to clean the headrest of the seat belt, but you can also use shampoo and other cleaning agents that are safe for fabric.

4. Spray the Cleaner

After choosing the cleaning agent you want to use, spray the cleaning agent on the seat belt. Make sure that you apply the solution to a small area first and check the cleaning agent first. 

Don’t spray it on a big area because you don’t want the cleaning agent to dry out and cause more problems.

5. Wash the Seat Belt

After spraying the cleaning agent on the seat belt, you can wash the seat belt. Ensure that you use a large amount of water so that you can remove all stains and dirt from your seat belt.

6. Dry the Seat Belt

After washing the seat belt, you can dry it using a towel. Dry the seat belt well so that the seat belt will not get moldy.

7. Spray with Dewaxer

You can spray your seat belt with a dewaxing agent to give it a shiny look. You can find a dewaxer at your nearest car care store.

Spray the dewaxing agent on a particular area first and check if it is safe for your seat belt. If it is, then you can use it. If not, find another dewaxing agent that is safe for your seat belt.

8. Polish the Seat Belt

Another thing that you can do is polish the seat belt. After that, you can also wax your seat belt so that it can be shiny. 

Polishing the seat belt will also clean the seat belt. Besides, you don’t have to buy separate products to polish and wax your seat belt.

9. Rinse the Cleaner

After doing all the steps, you can rinse the cleaning agent you used to clean the seat belt. Make sure that you do it well with water so that it will not leave a sticky feeling in your seat belt.


Now you have known some of the easiest ways to clean your car seat belt without damaging it. However, make sure that you are still the one to check if the cleaning agent you are using is safe for your seat belt. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always ask for help from a car care professional.

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