Different Types of Airbag Malfunctions You Can Experience

Airbags are created to help protect you in any case that an accident occurs. However, if an airbag malfunctions, there is a chance for it to harm or injure you instead of protecting you. With this, you may end up with a much more serious injury than you initially had.

In this article, we talk about the different ways an airbag can malfunction. Read on to learn more.

Airbag Fails to Deploy

This is the most common type of malfunction people will immediately think of when it comes to airbags. They are meant to deploy if the force is hard enough on a car to ensure the protection of the driver and passengers. However, if they fail to deploy, this will allow the people in the car to make contact with the different hard surfaces of the car, which could possibly harm them.

However, it is important to keep in mind that they are not meant to deploy at all times. If the crash or force was light, these airbags will not deploy because it was deemed to do more harm if deployed.

Airbag Accidentally Deploys

Airbags may accidentally deploy with sudden force, such as hitting a pothole or a curb. In these cases, when an airbag deploys it could be dangerous because it could cause the driver to be unable to drive properly.

The driver may not be able to see with the airbag in the way. Additionally, they may end up losing control of the vehicle, which could cause a bigger collision.

Airbag Deploys Before Fully Inflated

If in any case during an accident that a passenger or the driver of the car is struck by the airbag before it can fully inflate, this could bring more harm. It is a heavy and thick object that can blind, kill, or seriously injure someone if not taken care of properly.

Lack of Side Airbags

Side airbags are not government-mandated—meaning it is not illegal to not have them. Due to this, many car manufacturers often forgo the side airbags to save up on costs when it comes to the creation of the car. This can result in serious harm or injury.

In an accident, without side airbags, one can be easily flung to the sides of the car without any cushion. This will end up hurting those who are flung to the sides, and could end up killing them instead.

Airbags Deploy Late

If an airbag deploys late during an accident, it could actually cause more harm than if an airbag were not deployed, at all. It could end up adding more to the impact of the people in the car, and could possibly cause more injuries than there should have been.

Airbag Replacement and Reset

What most people get wrong is that after an accident if an airbag was not deployed, it should be fine. When you have been in an accident, immediately get your airbag reset or replaced. This is important to ensure that it is still working and will protect you in any case of other accidents.


Airbags are meant to protect us, only if they are doing their job properly. Having your airbag reset every now and then to ensure that it works properly is normal and should be done by everybody. Make sure to stay safe on the road by ensuring your own first contact of protection works.

If you need to have your airbag module reset, we at Safety Restore would be glad to do it for you. We specialize in post-accident restoration, ensuring that you are safe throughout. Stay safe riding by contacting us today!

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