The Seat Belt Reality and Pink Seat Belt Webbing

Pink Seat Belt Webbing
Our pink seat belt webbing replacement service.

Safety Restore is dedicated to providing quality seatbelts in unusual colors, like pink seat belt webbing, to first and foremost promote traffic and accident safety. While many people know and understand that seat belts are vital and preventing injuries and death, they often do not realize how stark the statistics are.

In 2015, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that a total of 22,441 fatalities occurred as a result of traffic accidents. Between 52% and 59% of these fatalities were teens, ages 13-19, and adults, ages 22-44, that were not buckled in at the time of the accidents. 663 vehicle-occupant children, ages 12 and under, died in car accidents in 2015; of this number, about 35% of children were not restrained by a seatbelt. About 2.5 million vehicle occupants needed treatment from emergency rooms for injuries caused by the accidents in 2015. Adults ages 18-24 have the highest rates of non-fatal accident-related injuries.

Sadly, despite the advances in technology, accidents continue to rise as a result of distracted drivers. In 2014, cell phones were a factor in about 26% of all automobile accidents. Every day, around 9 individuals are killed by a distracted driver, and about 1,000 people are injured. In a 2015 survey, 42% of teens, ages 13-19, said they have texted while driving. Meanwhile, accidents account for about one-half of all teen deaths.

Safety Restore understands that accidents will happen, and they are committed to providing products, such as the pink seat belt webbing replacement service, to try to minimize the damages of the accidents. The pink webbing provides the functionality and safety of a seat belt in a unique color choice. The quality pink seatbelts are sure to match any interior. Moreover, the pink seat belts will add a touch of personalization to an otherwise utilitarian vehicle. Safety Restore has a variety of colors of seat belt webbing if pink is not the color you would prefer.

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