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Steps on How Airbags Are Fixed after an Accident – Part 1

Airbags are an important safety feature of a car and should always be in place and ready to use. Most people know how airbags work and how they cushion you in case of an accident. However, not many people know how airbags are restored after they are deployed in an accident.

Doing an airbag reset is a bit of a difficult process, especially when you have no clue about it. While you may just easily get it done with a professional, understanding how it works is still useful.

It is very important that before you go out on the road again that your airbag is fixed. In this two-part article, we will talk about how to reprogram an airbag module. Make sure to read the second part after this!

Have It Replaced Professionally

As mentioned above, you will easily get it done with a professional to ensure that it works. While we may talk about the detailed steps to perform an airbag reset, do not attempt to do this by yourself, unless you are a professional.

Steps to Fix an Airbag

There are several steps in fixing an airbag after an accident. Each step needs to be done carefully and in-depth to ensure the airbag works properly.

1. Unplug the Battery Cable

It is important to know that the airbag is connected through the electrical wiring in the car. If you touch a car while it is still plugged into the battery, you may end up electrocuting or hurting yourself. Ensure that you detach the cable to stop any electricity or power flowing through your car.

After unplugging it, you should wait at least a couple of hours. This rest period is needed to make sure that there is no longer power from a backup source flowing through.

2. Remove Bolts

Whatever bolts you will need to remove to work on your airbag will depend on where the airbag is located. While most people may think the airbag is located only at the steering wheel, it can be located elsewhere. Other places may be the glove compartment, the side doors, upper curtains, seat belts, and seats.

Where your airbag is located will depend on the model and make of the car. You can check the car’s manual to know where it is located and what kind of bolts you will have to remove.

3. Disconnect Airbag Wiring

When removing the wiring connecting the airbag to the car, you must be careful. It is a fragile part that, when destroyed will add more work. How the wiring is returned to place with the new airbag may be different from how it originally was.

However, it is necessary that you are aware of its structure and understand how it worked. This will make sure that you are redesigning it in a similar or the same way for it to work properly. Try not to damage any other smaller parts when pulling out the wiring.


These are the first steps in replacing an airbag after an accident! Remember, while it is important to learn and understand this, you should not be replacing it by yourself unless you are a professional. Make sure to read the second part of this article!

If you need an airbag module reset, Safety Restore can do it for you. With our team of professionals, we can help you put your car back in top shape. Be safe on the road with us at Safety Restore!

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