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Steps on How Airbags Are Fixed after an Accident – Part 2

In the first part, we discussed the first half of fixing your vehicle’s airbag after an accident. In this second part of the two-part article, we will discuss the remaining steps of doing so in detail.

If you have not checked out the first part of this article, read it first. Otherwise, you can proceed here to learn more.

Have It Replaced Professionally

As mentioned in the first article, while we may discuss the steps in detail here, do not attempt to do it yourself. Make sure that you have your airbag replaced only by a professional. Doing it yourself may result in a fail, which could harm you on the road.

4. Take Out the Used Airbag

Once the wiring is disconnected from the airbag, you may now take out the used airbag. It is also important to remove airbags that did not deploy during the accident, as they may be faulty. However, you have to be careful in removing them as they may still deploy during the process.

5. Replace with the Same or Identical Airbag

After removing the used airbag, make sure to replace it with the same or almost identical airbag. Ideally, you replace it with an airbag from the same manufacturer. The reason why the airbag must be a match is to ensure that it fits in your car and will work properly when needed.

Replace your airbag with a new airbag and not something that has already been used. A used airbag may be faulty and may no longer work. Replacing it with a brand-new airbag will ensure that it will work during an accident.

Make sure that when the airbag is being replaced, it is placed in the proper slot. Also, it should face the right way to ensure that it deploys correctly.

6. Reattach Wires and Screws

Now that you have placed the airbag in, it is time to secure it down and put the car back. Work your way backward through the steps mentioned before,

Make sure that you have connected the airbag back to the wires before. See to it that it is held properly in place and that it is secure in the wiring.

After the airbag has been replaced and secured, you may now return the screws and panel boards. This will make your car look like it is back to normal. However, at the same time, this is also needed to be done properly because this will also make a difference in how the car will deploy your airbags.

7. Reset Airbag Module Sensors

This is one of the most crucial steps that need to be done whenever you fix your airbag module after an accident. These sensors will detect any strong impact your car will take in an accident and then deploy the airbags.

Once you have replaced the airbag and screwed everything back to place, your sensors should automatically reset. There is usually a light indicator to let you know if there is an issue with it. Make sure that there is no light. Otherwise, it was not replaced properly.


The airbag is an important part of a vehicle. Without the airbag, there will be nothing to cushion your blow if you get into an accident. If you have gotten into an accident recently, make sure to immediately get your airbag replaced by a professional. Stay safe on the road!

If you need a professional for an airbag module reset, Safety Restore will help you with that. We take every precaution and proper way in replacing your airbag. Make sure that you are staying safe on the road by contacting us today!

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