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Must-Know Facts about Your Car’s Airbag and Safety System

As of 2018, car crashes were the leading cause of death for people ages 1-54 in the United States alone, amounting to over 38,000 fatalities in that year. For this reason, road safety must be the number one in mind when driving. While being a careful driver can save you most of the time, keep in mind that car accidents can happen unexpectedly.

Yes, advancements in car technologies have already saved a lot of lives over the years. This is because of the security systems incorporated in newer cars in the market. One of the most popular developments in the auto industry is the airbag. Airbags in cars have sensors that when triggered by a strong impact, will come out to provide a soft cushion for the driver to avoid serious injuries. 

But what if your security system failed you in times of emergency? With that being said, here are the top must-know facts about your car’s airbag and security system. 

Airbags can have a switch

A seatbelt works hand in hand with an airbag to give the maximum safety possible to the car driver. While on the road, it is advisable to sit 10-12 inches away from the steering wheel. Those who are not able to do this are eligible to have an on and off switch for their airbags. However, this is only eligible for drivers with medical conditions. 

What causes the airbag light to turn on?

The government keeps on reminding drivers to check their engines and other necessary parts of their car if it is working properly before going on a long drive. While driving with your airbag light on has nothing to do with your engine, it is important to figure out what’s behind the activation of the light, as there could be an internal issue. 

You can even drive your car while the airbag light is on, but your safety system might be the actual cause of your accident when your airbag falsely blows up. Do not plan a long drive if you observe this and go to a car maintenance shop to check for the following reasons:

Depleted backup battery

A drained car battery may affect the battery that powers the airbag. Though the airbag will function properly again when fully charged, it may not be the same case when the backup battery also needs a replacement.

Sensor malfunction

Keep in mind that your vehicle has many sensors installed in it and all these are all connected to its internal computer system. Your airbag light may have been tripped or disconnected from the system, which is why the indicator is turned on. 

Worn out clock spring 

Cars have airbags in front and even on the side since side impacts are also the common causes of injuries and fatalities. These airbags have electrical wires connecting to those of the vehicle, and they move as the steering wheel does and may be naturally worn out over time.

Wet airbag module

The airbag module is located under the driver or passenger’s seat. If your car has experienced water damage, it may have affected the airbag module underneath. In this situation, check with a car mechanic if an airbag module reset is required.


Security systems and sensors are placed in your vehicle for a reason. If you disregard its malfunction, you are also neglecting your chances of being saved in times of an accident. For this reason, make it a habit to check your car system before hopping in for a drive! 

If you are having problems with your car’s security systems, be sure to opt for a reliable airbag module reset in Westfield, MA. Safety Restore is the world’s leader regarding this matter, and our experts will ensure that you always have safe trips on the road. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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