Can you Fix a Broken Speedometer

If you are wondering, “Can you fix a broken speedometer?” the answer is Yes. If your next question is “HOW can you fix a broken speedometer?” hopefully I will be able to help you with that below.

The thing is, many people do not know much about instrument clusters, or speedometers. They check it to look at their oil, or temperature, or speed, but don’t think much about it otherwise. That is until it starts getting faulty or stops working altogether. Because the instrument cluster often gets “overlooked” many people do not know where they can find repair services. A lot of people don’t even know that a repair is an option, and instead immediately turn to the dealership to buy a brand new instrument cluster. They end up spending around $750 without doing any research or knowing that there are other options out there! That is very unfortunate since the answer to “Can you fix a broken speedometer?” is “Yes.” All that needs to be done is the unit should be removed out of the vehicle, the mechanism entirely disassembled, and the defective parts replaced. The steps on removing the unit out of a vehicle are quite simple and are as follows: First, the emergency brake should be employed. Next, the plastic trim around the cluster can be removed. After it has been removed, the steering wheel should be tilted down and the shifter placed into 1st gear. The trim can then be removed by simply pulling it out. Along with the trim, the 4x 7mm screws holding the cluster can be removed. Finally, the cluster can be pulled out and the wiring disconnected.

Some people opt to do the repairs from home but there certainly are seasoned and professional companies that offer this exact service. Take Safety Restore for example. The company specializes in speedometer repair. The company focuses on quality and only uses 100% OEM replacement parts and industry-standard tools in the repair process. The best thing about turning to a company like Safety Restore instead of the dealership is the prices. At Safety Restore, an instrument cluster gauges repair service comes in at only $118.99, which is way below the price at the dealer! Plus, the service comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee at Safety Restore!

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