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Airbag Light: What Are the Possible Reasons It Turns On?

Whether you are aware of it, you have almost likely seen the airbag light glow without recognizing it. Your vehicle’s computer is constantly monitoring this light. If this light turns on, it could be one of several different reasons. 

Each of these specific causes will affect how you proceed in handling the situation. For this reason, you must note that this light will turn on if the vehicle senses a malfunction with the airbag system or if the system is not working correctly.  

The Possible Reasons Why Your Airbag Light Turns On

1. Battery Is Empty

A low battery might have triggered the airbag light. If the backup battery that powers the airbags is left unattended and uncharged, it will also start to be used. The best way to deal with this situation is to replace the battery as soon as possible and let the airbag system be re-calibrated.

2. Seat Belt Unbuckled

Of course, a seat belt must be buckled for the airbag system to trigger. Airbag lights will go off when you don’t buckle your seat belt. Additionally, the airbag module will tighten the seat belt when you don’t buckle your seat.

3. Seat Belt Retractor Is Faulty

The airbag light will be triggered if the seat belt’s internal wire is broken or if the seat belt is stuck in its track. The latter is often caused by the seat belt retractor, which is a device that secures the seat belt in its place. When the seat belt retractor is faulty, it will trigger the airbag light. 

4. Sensors Are Defective

A vehicle’s airbag system has several sensors that monitor the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. These include the occupant sensor, seat position sensor, and seat belt pre-tensioner.

The sensors may be defective or broken if the airbag light is triggered. Have the sensors checked and get the system repaired immediately if this is the case.

5. Electrical or Power Issue

In most cases, your vehicle;’s parts will not have any issues. Instead, the problem might be an electrical or power issue that triggered the airbag light. The connectors might not be making good contact with the wiring harnesses, thus, starting the airbag light.

How to Address the Problems Why the Airbag Light Turned On

1. Charge Empty Batteries

If the battery is low, you can charge it. If the battery is dead, you can buy a new one. Check to see if there is a second battery or if you can recharge the battery using a particular device.

2. Have Your Vehicle Checked

The airbag light might come on if there is an electrical or power issue. This could be caused by a loose or corroded terminal or connector. The connectors might not be making good contact with the wiring harnesses, thus, triggering the airbag light.

If you have any concerns, you can have your vehicle checked by your mechanic. If the issue is more serious, you should not drive your car until it is repaired by a professional.


Your vehicle’s airbag system is a safety feature that has been designed to protect you, the driver, and the passenger. This is designed to activate only when needed and will never deploy without the driver buckling their seat belt.

On the other hand, buckling your seat belt is the best protection against the possible deployment of your vehicle’s airbag. Always wear your seat belt, and do not forget to buckle it every time you drive.

If you’re concerned with your airbag light always on, have your vehicle checked at Safety Restore! We specialize in treating your car’s seat belt systems and airbag modules. We also provide webbing replacements and instrument cluster repairs. Visit our shop now!

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