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Safety 101: 5 Top Tips to Help You Avoid Airbag Injuries

Airbags are an innovation that, like seat belts, has saved countless lives. In the event of a crash, they deploy to help keep your face, head, and upper body from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. However, this life-saving innovation is not without its faults.

The force at which it deploys is designed to resist the full weight of your body being pushed by your vehicle. If you aren’t careful, it could cause certain injuries like:

  • eye injuries
  • facial fractures
  • neck injuries
  • abrasions and lacerations
  • contusions
  • internal bleeding
  • concussions
  • bruising
  • whiplash
  • rib fractures
  • spine injuries
  • sprained fingers and wrists
  • burns
  • asthma attacks or irritated lungs due to the chemicals released with the airbag

It should go without saying that these injuries are nothing compared to what you may face without airbags. However, taking extra care can save you from a lot of them.

Here are some ways you can avoid airbag-related injuries:

1. Wear Your Seat Belt

In the event of an accident where you are wearing your seat belt, your body will be less likely to get thrown around because you’ll be buckled in. This is the case regardless of whether or not your vehicle is equipped with airbags. However, when worn correctly, these seat belts should help to prevent any airbags that deploy from causing injuries.

2. Distance Yourself from the Steering Wheel or Dashboard

If you insist on wearing your seat belt but you still keep your arms or elbows on the steering wheel, you may end up with an airbag-related injury. You should always remember to keep a safe distance from the steering wheel or dashboard. Even if the airbag deploys, it should be less likely to cause injuries if you’re not close to it. If you’re an appropriate distance away from where an airbag would deploy, it will help minimize the airbag’s impact.

3. Properly Secure Children and Pets

Always remember to secure children and pets. Accidents happen fast, and you might be distracted. Your seat belt-less child or pet could be thrown from your vehicle into the path of an airbag.

Make sure that all small children and pets are properly car-seat secured in the backseat at all times. Avoid placing them in the front seat as their bodies may not be able to handle the force of an airbag as yours can.

4. Avoid Driving during the Late Stages of Pregnancy

If you are in the late stages of pregnancy, it would be best to avoid driving if you can help it. The last thing you’d want is an airbag deployment accidentally hurting your fetus. However, if you must drive, make sure that you’re always buckled in and driving at appropriate speeds.

5. Remove Sharp Objects from Your Shirt Pockets

When an airbag deploys, it fires out with a lot of force. Anything hidden in your shirt pockets is liable to move around and potentially cut or scratch your body. Before getting in the car, take out anything from your shirt pockets. This includes things like pens and pencils, as they can poke you and cause injuries.


If you take care to avoid the following things, you should be able to minimize your chances of getting hurt by airbags. Accidents do happen, and airbags will keep you safe. Even some of the injuries they cause are more easily treated than injuries sustained in a car crash without them. The best thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings and what could potentially cause you and your passengers harm.

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