3 Common Airbag Safety Issues and How to Fix Them: A Guide

As a car owner, you expect your airbag system to cushion you and other riders in your vehicle during an intense crash. It is found to reduce driver fatalities by an impressive 29 percent, and it can improve as most car manufacturers work to make it better. Unfortunately, you have to note that complications can happen, which can make your car’s safety features unreliable. Because of this, you need to know what they are and find ways to fix them. 

This article will discuss three main airbag system issues you may encounter with your vehicle. Take this as an opportunity to find ways to safeguard yourself and others by addressing the crucial problems. This way, you can have a more enhanced, stress-free driving and riding experience. 

Airbag deployment issues

Many car manufacturers often undergo rigorous inspections and modifications to ensure their airbag system works across all pre-existing and new models. Still, there have been different complications. For instance, Mazda had to recall 60,000 units due to a short circuit issue, meaning the airbags would dangerously deploy randomly. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems if you know the common problems and their corresponding repair solution. 

The three general airbag deployment issues are total failure to deploy, too harsh deployment, and wrong deployment times. You can easily avoid these through the necessary repairs that can be done through airbag module reset, a mechanism that allows it to go back to its desired factory settings. You can also get in contact with car service professionals for more information about related problems with other parts, such as the airbag light. 

Disproportionate airbags

You can expect airbag systems for the same car model, but you cannot expect it to be tailored to your physical attributes, like your weight and height. These specifications are necessary if you want to protect yourself and other passengers from collision impact. Due to this, there are smart airbags that are made to accommodate different weights. 

In addition, a study found most airbags are made to protect individuals that are 5’3 to 5’11 feet tall, and others who either fall behind or surpass these limits are more likely to get injured due to airbag suffocation. To avoid this, you should scout for different measurements, weight capacity, and durability for your airbag system. You can also look into the possibility of customizing it as guided by car service professionals. 

Accumulated irritants

Your airbags are hidden in the compartments, and they can accumulate dust and harsh irritants over time and even restrict your airflow and introduce respiratory issues. Since you cannot get to your inhaler during the collision, you can expect to feel worse or risk death. As a preventive measure, it’s best to get airbags cleaned and reset properly. You may also want to replace them if they are old and way past their recommended usage date. 


Your vehicle’s airbags are a crucial part of your safety system. Now, you have a better understanding of the issues you may have and what you need to do to fix them. You just have to ensure your current system functions properly and is tailored to your needs. Get your safety features inspected and fixed today! 

Are you in need of professional airbag services and ways to avoid complications? Consult with us at Safety Restore. We also provide reliable seat belt repairs and replacement, ensuring you are doing the best you can to protect yourself and your passengers during your next drive. Find compatible safety parts for your vehicle with reasonable pricing through our offers! 


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