What is the Seat Belt Law in Texas

What is the Seat Belt Law in Texas

If you live in or are planning to move to the state of Texas, it is important to know the main laws and regulations—such as the seat belt laws. I will summarize some of the most important ones below.

First and foremost, the state of Texas requires the driver and all passengers of a vehicle to be secured by a seat belt.

There are, however, some Texas seat belt law exemptions. For example, back seat passengers do not need to be secured if the vehicle they are driving in has no seat belts in those seats. Also, Texas seat belt laws do not apply to farm vehicles under 48,000 pounds. Medical reasons may also allow someone to not drive buckled into their seat belt—the individual just has to get a written statement from a licensed physician stating the specific medical condition.

There are a few other things you should know. If you have children over the age of 13, they are allowed to sit in the front passenger seat. Any children between the ages of 4 and 8 must be restrained in a booster seat—unless they are taller than 4’9″. Children under the age of 4 but over the age of 2 are allowed to be seated in forward-facing child safety seats, as long as the seat manufacturer recommends or allows it. Any children or infants under the age of 2 must be placed in rear-facing child safety seats.

Failure to wear a seat belt can result in a fine ranging from $25 to $250, plus having to pay additional court costs. Improperly restrained passengers at the age of 17 can face having a misdemeanor charge and a fine ranging from $100 to $250. If the violating passenger is under the age of 17, the driver is held accountable for paying the fines. Depending on the area you are located in Texas, a judge may also mandate that you complete a 4-hour driving safety course—which has to be paid for.

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