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Turning Off Your Airbag Light with an Airbag Module Reset

Did you get into a minor accident that deployed your airbags or simply have a blinking airbag light in your dashboard? This issue may require a professional to get your airbags reset or replaced. 

Getting the airbags replaced can be costly and time-consuming as you must get the new airbag module coded to your vehicle VIN. Companies now offer airbag module reset to provide you with a cheaper and more convenient alternative.

In this article, we will run you through everything you need to know about getting your airbag module reset.

How Does It Work?

Airbags are essential when driving as they protect you in case of accidents. In some states, it is even illegal to go without an airbag.

The airbag module stores fault codes regardless of the severity of the accident. Even a minor accident will be stored in this module and cause your airbag light to turn on.

Unless the module was damaged through a flood, fire, or a significant accident that damaged its hardware, your airbag module could be reset and reprogrammed so you can continue using your car without getting the module replaced. 

The crash codes in the module will be cleared to turn off the airbag light.

What about Locked Seat Belts?

Other than deploying your airbags, your seat belts may also be locked up if your car encounters an accident. These locked seat belts can also cause your airbag light to stay on. Like your airbags, the pretensioners or the belts and buckles of the seat belt can also be reset so that you can continue using your car safely.

Other Reasons Why Your Airbag Light Is On

Other than an accident, your airbag light may randomly turn on due to faulty components such as:

  • Airbags
  • Impact sensors
  • Seat belts

These components may need to be replaced as they cannot be simply reset.

Getting Your Airbag Module Reset vs. Purchasing a Used Module

There are various benefits to service your airbag instead of purchasing a replacement module, such as:

  • The reset process does not need additional programming to turn your airbag light off.
  • The reset process repairs and returns your airbags good as new, free from all crash codes, and safe to use.
  • This method is more cost and time-efficient compared to getting an entirely new module.

However, if your components and connections are faulty, you may need to purchase a different module.

When purchasing a used module, make sure the components do not come from a flooded vehicle and ensure that all the parts and connections are functional.

Will My New Module Replacement Work?

If you have already purchased a replacement module, make sure to compare the part number of your replacement module to your original module. If these numbers do not match, the airbag module will not work on your vehicle. This module needs to be from the exact same model.


The airbag module is essential when it comes to safe driving. However, several factors such as faulty components and accidents can make your airbag light turn on. Make sure to get your airbag module replaced or reset to ensure safe driving.

Are you looking for an airbag reset service near you? We at Safety Restore offer a quick and convenient airbag module reset service. Reset your airbag module today!

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