Choosing the Best Custom Seat Belts, What Motorists Must Know

The Importance of Having Good Quality Seat Belt Webbing

Wearing a seat belt is one of the first things we’re taught the moment we’re old enough to ride cars. In fact, our parents have already been strapping us in even when we were babies. The seat belt is an integral part of safety while on the road, and it can literally save your life.


Aside from the obvious prevention of severe injuries or even death, there are a number of reasons why wearing a seat belt should be second nature anytime you get in a car. In most places, it is a violation of the law to drive or be a passenger in a vehicle without wearing a seat belt. 


Most car insurance companies will either raise your rates or cancel your policy if you seem like a high-risk driver by constantly not wearing your seat belt. It’s meant to keep you safely in place in case of any impact, whether it’s through accidentally driving over a hump or someone bumping into your car. 


Whenever a seat belt comes into play during a vehicular accident, it’s the webbing we have to thank for enduring the force. It’s one of the most crucial parts of the seat belt altogether. Unfortunately, there are times when webbing fails either because of flaws during manufacturing or shock loading on a seat belt.


Naturally, after an accident, you will want to find the best shop to get your seat belt repairs done well. Choose a shop that has a solid reputation amongst previous customers, is properly certified, fits your budget, and, most of all, offers quality repair services.


Quality Webbing


When it comes to seat belt replacement or repair, the term “quality” means that only industry-standard tools and parts that are 100% from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will be used. This means that every part replaced, including the webbing, bolts, buckle, and pre-tensioner, will be good as new.


It’s crucial to have quality webbing in a seat belt. If the material is not durable and strong, then the entire mechanism won’t get to operate as it is meant to. Webbing that is weak or worn-out will endanger the passenger using the seat belt because they won’t be as secure as they can be in their seat. That could lead to extremely dangerous results, including death.


The majority of webbing in seat belts is made using polyester because the material is of high quality and its strength tenacity is quite high. Additionally, it has great abrasion and sunlight resistance, excellent elongation, and a remarkable ability to withstand extreme temperatures. It also takes a lot for it to ignite, and does not burn quickly. Polyester webbing also has high resistance against the most common chemicals.




Having your seat belt repaired or replaced is important because it can mean life or death. When looking for a shop, make sure their tools are industry-standard and they use 100% OEM parts. Be sure that you get good quality seat belt webbing for the best protection while you’re on the road.


Do you need to get your seat belts under repair? Reach out to Safety Restore! We are the world’s leader in post-accident restorations specializing in seat belt repairs and airbag modules.


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