Examining SRS components to keep you safe on the road

Always use your seat belt when you drive

Seat belts are the first line of defense to keep you safe when you are in any kind of accident, whether it may be minor or major. It is the job of the supplemental restraint system to help keep you safe. However, it can only do so if it is not only being used but also is in working condition. Examine the SRS components in your vehicle, and get anything that is not in factory condition, repaired, replaced, or reset. Some services you may need include seat belt webbing replacement, seat belt reset, airbag module reset, or seat belt pretensioner repair.

Aside from the obvious parts such as airbags, seat belt webbing, and module, there are other things to examine as well. This includes the pretensioner. The seat belt pretensioner is the components that get triggered during an accident to help protect you. A seat belt pretensioner would be needed in the case your vehicle has hit something pretty hard (such as in a collision) or if the seat belt gets jerked on. Your seat belt webbing tightens, keeping you firmly in your seat. Your airbags may have been deployed as well, though not always.

Safety Restore is post accident restoration company that can help you with your seat belt repair after accident. They replace the gas charge, seat belt pretensioner bypass, sensor, any and all parts including the spring and rebuild the mechanism. Seat belts should only be fixed by a certified repair facility. They should never be tampered with otherwise the warranty may void preventing them from being able to repair your seat belts. Improper handling of the seat belt can also cause serious injury or even death.

Luckily, Safety Restore has the low seat belt pretensioner replacement cost starting at only $64.99 so you do not have to worry about trying to do this yourself to save money! Properly working Supplemental Restraint System components is very important in order to help protect you in the event of an accident. Be like the thousands of other customers you rely on Safety Restore to keep them safe on the road.

How Seat Belt Pretensioner Works

The seat belt pretensioner is one of the most important components of the entire seat belt mechanism. It works with the other parts including but not limited to the seat belt retractor, webbing, and pillar loop to render a fully functioning primary restraint system. On a side note, seat belts are considered primary restraint systems because of their crucial role in occupant safety. They work side by side with the airbags, which are known as the secondary—or supplementary—restraint systems.

Now let’s get back to the seat belt pretensioner. The pretensioner is known as the female portion of the seat belt and is often referred to simply as the “buckle”. It is the area where the seat belt retractor actually plugs into so that the occupant can be well secured in his or her seat. The pretensioner is the component of the seat belt system that locks the seat belt in place when the vehicle collides with another car or object or comes to a sudden stop. When a collision occurs and the sensors detect that, the pretensioner uses a small explosive charge to introduce a concealed piston. The piston drives the spool rapidly around and removes any slack from the seat belt. Ultimately, it positions the occupants of the vehicle into their seats so they could get the maximum protection from their airbags and from being ejected out of the vehicle. After this occurs, the seat belt pretensioner will have a compressed or squished in look upon inspection. Also, if a scanning tool were to be used on that vehicle after it has been involved in the crash, specific codes would be displayed—indicating that the pretensioner needs to be repaired.

If you ever experience any problems with your seat belt pretensioner, or other seat belt parts for that matter, know that there is a company you can turn to that will help. The company Safety Restore specializes in all types of seat belt repair, whether it is for single stage, dual stage, or triple safety belts—and whether the problem lies within the pretensioner, retractor, or even the webbing!

Where is the seat belt pretensioner ?

You probably put on your seat belt every time you step into your vehicle. But have you ever stopped and looked at the individual parts of the belt? Do you know what each of the parts are called and what their function is? Let me help you with one of the most important parts of the seat belt: the pretensioner.

Where is the seat belt pretensioner ? Read on.

Basically, the pretensioner—otherwise known as the buckle—is the female portion of a belt where the seat belt latch actually buckles into.

It operates by using an explosive charge to drive a concealed piston when the sensors perceive the distinctive abrupt deceleration of an accident. As a result, the piston very quickly drives the spool around which the fabric material of a seat belt is wrapped. The rapid retraction of the seat belt webbing removes the slack from the seat belt immediately. This additional seat belt “pre-” tension—right before the actual full force of collision—pulls occupants firmly against their seats. This allows them to receive the maximum protection benefit from the airbags located at the front of the car.

Usually it is pretty easy to tell if the seat belt pretensioner is bad. You can scan your car with an OBD airbag scanning tool and check if any codes pop up. Even though this is the proper way, you can also visually inspect your seat belt buckle to see if anything is wrong with it. It will have a compressed, or “squished in” look if it is broken.

Now that you know where the seat belt pretensioner is and what its main function is, you should probably learn of a place where you can get it repaired if anything were to happen to it. Without a properly functioning seat belt pretensioner, the entire seat belt will not be able to operate properly! The company Safety Restore can help you with that. Not only does Safety Restore fix seat belt retractors; repair single stage, dual stage, and even triple stage seat belts; but also it has a seat belt pretensioner repair service. The company performs quality repairs for an affordable price. Visit safetyrestore.com and see for yourself!