Gauge Cluster Rebuild

You may find yourself in need of a gauge cluster rebuild at one point or another. Over time, instrument clusters can become faulty and the gauges may start fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, displaying incorrect readings, or not working at all—and need to be reset. If this ever happens to you, know that you can turn to the company Safety Restore.

Gauge Cluster Rebuild Services

Safety Restore specializes in repairing all types of instrument cluster problems including those of the tachometer, speedometer, transmission, temperature, odometer, and gas/fuel gauge. Whatever the problem you are experiencing the company can fix it! To do this, experienced engineers are employed and 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools are utilized. It is also important to note that FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded by the company.

If you turn to Safety Restore for your gauge cluster rebuild, you can always expect an affordable price, a lifetime warranty guarantee, and a fast turnaround time. Safety Restore strives to uphold its quick 24-hour turnaround for all customers and orders—large or small. Also, the prices at Safety Restore are unbeatable. Rather than having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a gauge cluster rebuild elsewhere, you can just spend $118.99 at Safety Restore. Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty! It really doesn’t get better than that!

To get your gauge cluster rebuild, all you have to do is remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA to be fixed. Many customers think the removal process of their cluster is difficult, but it really isn’t. Safety Restore provides detailed instructions on its website on how to successfully and easily remove the instrument cluster from a vehicle. If any additional problems arise, the company can also be reached by email or instant chat.

Gauge Cluster Repair

Gauge Cluster Repair Services by

Getting a gauge cluster repair doesn’t have to be a headache when you turn to the company Safety Restore. Often times, when getting a service on your car as important as this one, you want to make sure that the company or automotive shop that you turn to will fulfill your needs but also display great quality of work. Lucky for you, you can rest assured that Safety Restore not only demonstrates quality, but great prices on top of that!

Safety Restore is a tried and true company. You can just look at the overflow of positive reviews the company has accumulated throughout its five years of service. There are so many great characteristics you can expect when choosing this company to perform your instrument cluster gauges repair. To begin with, your gauge cluster repair will be in the hands of highly experienced and well-trained engineers. In addition, all repair work will be completed using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Also, FMVSS standards will always be met or exceeded. Furthermore, you can expect great prices at Safety Restore. For the gauge cluster repair, you’ll only be paying a meager $118.99. Compare that to the steep prices at the dealer! What’s also great about this company is that they complete all repairs in just 24 hours or less! Regardless of your location or the amount of items you send in, that still holds true. Also, a lifetime warranty is guaranteed to all customers.

To get your gauge cluster repair immediately, head over to and prepay for the service. Next, remove the unit from your vehicle and package it up securely. When you ship it out to Safety Restore, you can use any mail carrier you prefer. Safety Restore will receive your unit and perform all necessary repairs to restore it back to factory condition!