Engine Warning Light–What Does It Mean?

One of the most important lights in your speedometer is the one that looks like a small yellow submarine. When this light turns on, you’ll know your vehicle is giving you an engine warning. The thing is, an engine warning can forewarn against any number of things.

For one, an engine warning light may indicate that your oxygen sensor needs to be switched out. What the oxygen sensor does is measure the amount of unburned oxygen in your car’s exhaust

Another thing this light may tell you is that your vehicle’s gas cap is damaged, loose, or completely missing. The gas cap seals the fuel system and helps maintain pressure inside of the fuel tank. It also stops gasoline fumes from being released into the air when you aren’t driving your car.

An engine warning may also alert you that you have a bad catalytic converter. The catalytic convertor helps protect the environment by converting dangerous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. Damage to this part usually happens as a result of neglected maintenance.

The light may also tell you that it is time to replace your Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). The MAF measures the quantity of air going into the engine to determine how much fuel is required to run the engine efficiently.

One final thing it could indicate is that your car needs new spark plugs or plug wires. The spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, while the spark plug wires deliver the spark from the ignition coil into the spark plugs.

If you see the engine warning light turn on in your dash, you should bring your car to a mechanic and have them inspect it for any of the problems mentioned above. Doing so will allow you to continue driving safely and will also promote the longevity of your vehicle.

One key thing you should be mindful of, though, is that your speedometer is working properly in the first place. If your speedometer is not working properly, you may not even know that there are issues, as the warning lights might not even show up! It is important that you get gauge cluster repair if you notice any fluttering, sticking, or dead gauges. Fortunately, gauge cluster repair doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. If you turn to the company Safety Restore, the gauge cluster repair cost comes out to just $118.99!

Cluster Repair Shop

Cluster Repair Shop

Safety Restore is a cluster repair shop unlike the rest. This can be truthfully said for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is a small-family run business. If you are going to spend money, it’s much better to spend it to help a small business flourish rather than pile on money to a huge corporation.

Speaking of money, that is another thing that sets Safety Restore apart from other cluster repair shops. The price you would pay for an instrument cluster gauges repair would be just $118.99—and believe it or not, that is the priciest service they have! That means a lot of the money you’d otherwise be spending at the dealership can be pocketed and saved.

Safety Restore is also very trustworthy and completes repairs with upmost quality in mind. Only professional and well-trained engineers perform the repair work, and they use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts to do so. Furthermore, the company is BBB accredited and always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards.

At this company, the turnaround time is exceptional too. It takes the engineers only 24 hours or less to complete any and all orders. That still stands for large-volume or difficult orders!

What is also great about Safety Restore is that it makes getting an instrument cluster repair an easy process. The company has easy step-by-step instructions for customers to follow in order to remove the unit from their vehicle. Also, there is always a text line, chat line, and phone line open in order to assist customers with issues they may be experiencing.

If you still aren’t convinced that Safety Restore is the best when it comes to cluster repair shops, visit safetyrestore.com today and read the vast collection of positive reviews. Then you’ll surely see why Safety Restore shines as it does.

Instrument Cluster Repair Shops

Instrument Cluster Repair Shops

If you are looking around at different options to get your speedometer rebuilt, there are not many instrument cluster repair shops like Safety Restore. Safety Restore drastically stands apart from the rest for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them.

To begin with, Safety Restore takes quality very seriously. It makes sure that the services it puts out are top of the notch. Therefore, the company only specializes in a few services to be able to hone in on doing the best that it can in each one of them. Repairing instrument clusters is one of their specialties. Also, to perform the repairs, Safety Restore only employs highly experienced and well-trained engineers. All work is done using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are always met or exceeded, too.

Another reason Safety Restore stands apart from the rest of the instrument cluster repair shops is because they truly listen to the customer. Customers are guaranteed a lifetime warranty on each service. That way, if anything is wrong with their unit, customers can send it back in without having to pay the additional fee. Also, Safety Restore has taken into consideration customers’ paychecks and busy schedules. That is why it ensures that all services, regardless of difficulty or volume, are completed in just 24 hours or less. That is a faster turnaround time than even some dealerships offer! Also, the prices at Safety Restore are unbeatable, with the instrument cluster repair service coming in at just $118.99.

If that doesn’t prove how trustworthy Safety Restore is compared to other instrument cluster repair shops, I don’t know what will. Visit safetyrestore.com and order your instrument cluster repair today. Or, simply browse the reviews the company has amassed and see for yourself how great the company is!