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Understanding the SRS: What the Light Means and How It Works

If your vehicle has an airbag system, it will more than likely have an SRS light. There will be an SRS symbol on your dashboard next to a symbol of a person seated with an airbag in the front. A lit-up SRS light means that there’s trouble somewhere with the safety mechanisms in the car, which requires a technician to solve. 

If you are curious to learn more about what the SRS light on your dashboard actually means, keep reading.

What does SRS stand for?

SRS is short for Supplemental Restraint System. The system includes various components of your car’s safety features. This includes the seat belt restraint system and the airbag system—the two most significant safety features in any car.

The SRS sits there and quietly identifies and tracks the condition of various safety features. If it detects a problem in any of these systems, the symbol will light up to alert the driver. 

When you turn on the car, all the lights on your dashboard will light up regardless, including the SRS light. However, if the light stays on while the rest subside, this is an indicator that the onboard computer has detected a problem. This is an issue you want to fix immediately because, more often than not, the airbags may not deploy when they should. The seat belt might not tighten when an accident happens. Any issue that goes unaddressed may mean the difference between life and death for both you and your passengers. 

How does the SRS work?

We talked about how an onboard computer can detect a problem and alert you. There are many other things that the SRS does, such as activating the right restraints. For it to do this, it relies on triggers that measure car speed, pressure location, and brakes. If these triggers are met, the SRS will deploy the appropriate restraint mechanisms. 

For instance, if the SRS system detects a front-end collision, it will first quickly deploy the seat belt restraints. After that, it will deploy the airbag, maximizing the protection of the passengers. On the other hand, if the impact was from the side, the side airbags will also inflate.


With all of that out of the way, we hope you realize just how vital the SRS is in your vehicle and why it is so critical that you get the car fixed if the SRS light is on. Remember, safety should always be a priority, and any indicator that your safety is compromised should be addressed immediately. 

If you do see that your SRS light is on, send it to the car repair shop soon. That way, any underlying issues that have caused the light to trigger can be repaired, ensuring the safety features are in their best condition to protect you should an accident occur.

Safety Restore is the world’s leader in post-accident restorations with expertise in airbag modules and seat belt repairs. If you need your SRS light addressed by experts in Westfield, send your vehicle over to us today!

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