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5 Seat Belt Myths That Are Putting Your Safety at Risk

Seat belts are an essential part of any vehicle, with almost 15,000 passenger lives being saved in a year thanks to them. It’s vital to wear your seat belt and make sure that it’s in good working condition. If it’s malfunctioning, you must get a seat belt replacement or have it repaired immediately.

That said, seat belts are only as safe as how you use them. Incorrect information can be detrimental and even fatal. Make sure you are aware of some of the most common myths about seat belts.

1. You Can Ditch the Seat Belt for Short Rides

Going without a seat belt when taking a short trip is one of the most harmful myths out there because it seems so simple. You can still get into a car accident during a quick ride, and even slower speeds can be fatal. 

Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) even reveal that a whopping 52 percent of car accidents happen within a five-mile radius from one’s home. Don’t ditch the seat belt for quick trips, or you can end up with a short visit to the hospital.

2. Men Can Go Without Seat Belts

There is a surprisingly popular notion that men have a better chance of surviving an accident even without a seat belt because they are supposedly built sturdier. This kind of thinking is why 60 percent of the fatalities in car accidents have been males aged eighteen to thirty-five. 

No matter how fit you are or what your weight and height may be, it’s essential to wear a seat belt at all times.

3. You Can Survive Without It If You Have Airbags

Airbags are meant to help you survive but not be the sole means of protection. They cannot fully protect your entire body from impact, especially if you aren’t secured in place with a seat belt. 

You should also note that certain car models won’t properly deploy their airbags if the seat belt isn’t fastened. Don’t forget to keep your seat belt on even if you know your airbags are functioning.

4. Seat Belts Can Be Dangerous Underwater

Many people believe that car accidents involving fire and water make seat belts a sudden liability. There’s this idea that it will make it harder for passengers to escape because they can get trapped by the seat belt. 

The truth is that it’s more dangerous to go without a seat belt as it will increase your risk of getting knocked out. When you’re awake, you can act accordingly. You should be able to unclick your seat belt as needed, but it’s also a good idea to have a cutting tool handy in your glove compartment in case you need to cut yourself free. Crashes that go underwater are extremely rare, though.

5. Seat Belts Can Hurt You During a Crash

Wearing a seat belt and having it hurt you during a crash is a myth that only becomes true if you put your seat belt on wrong. It also happens if you have a malfunctioning seat belt. That’s why if the retractors, locks, or webbing is broken, you should not try to DIY something as a placeholder. Make sure you get seat belt repair or replacement as soon as possible.

If you use your seat belt correctly, the worst that it should inflict is some bruising or skin abrasion that will be dependent on the force of impact. You must properly calibrate it to lock around you right and prevent injury.


It’s important to learn about the facts when it comes to seat belts. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself in danger every time you go out on the road. Make sure you wear them and maintain them properly so that they don’t do more harm than good.

If your seat belt isn’t working properly, ensure you get a good seat belt repair service. Reach out to Safety Restore to guarantee the safety of your vehicle and passengers. 

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