Seat Belt is Stuck ?

Seat Belt is Stuck ?

If you use your seat belt every day, as you should be, you will likely face some issues with it at one point in time or another. One of the most common issues people face with their seat belts is having something stuck in it, which prevents it from buckling in or locking, properly. Below, I will describe a few reasons as to why a seat belt may become stuck, as well as the solutions for how to get a seat belt buckle unstuck.

One simple reason a seat belt may become stuck over time is sweat and grime build-up. Even though this can be very gradual, eventually sweat and grime can become so inlayed into the seat belt that it becomes stiff and barely pliable. By soaking the affected seat belts in soapy water and then letting them air dry, this usually solves the problem. After a good wash, the seat belt webbing should become more flexible and no longer get stuck in the seat belt mechanism.

Another possible reason for a stuck seat belt is something getting in the way of the actual opening to the seat belt buckle. Without noticing it, a small pebble, a hardened crumb, or any other tiny object like a loose button or safety pin could have become lodged into the seat belt buckle and is preventing the seat belt from clicking. The solution to this would be to get a toothpick, a thin screwdriver tip, or a long pin and poke around the entrance to the buckle. If you feel something there, simply remove it and see if the seat belt works properly again.

A third reason your seat belt may be stuck is because of an internal issue. For this, the actual seat belt would need to be disassembled and the spool spun manually. This should hopefully allow the seat belt webbing to retract into the mechanism and operate smoothly again.

If you have tried all these options and your seat belt is still stuck, your best bet would probably be to send in your seat belt to a professional company. Now you could purchase brand new seat belts at the dealer. However, the more practical option would be to send your current seat belts to the company Safety Restore for repair.

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