Replace Dog Chewed Seat Belts

Replace Dog Chewed Seat Belts – Better than DIY

Well, you’re here and your pup just chewed your seat belts. I bet you already tried the dealer and we’re outraged at the price they quoted you, and you certainly know the importance of safety, but not for that much. In all seriousness, the best solution to replacing dog chewed seat belts that are better than DIY is having Safety Restore do the job for you! Oh, did you not know? You can mail in your seat belts to have them re-webbed with brand new seat belt fabric material and ready to be installed in your car! Best part? Only $74.99 per belt! Safety Restore will match the existing color and pattern of your seat belts and install them with your original hardware, manufacturer tags, stop button, and even replicate the stitching.

Here’s some before and after pictures:

So what do you have to do to get started and save some serious cash? It’s easy!

How to remove your seat belts

Placing the order online is easy, or at least Safety Restore makes it simple. Here’s a link:

But removing the actual seat belts may need a minute or two. I recommend checking this video out on YouTube. Even though it’s targeted for seat belt repairs after accident, the concept is the same:

Once removed, it’s free sailing from here. Simply place the order online for the number of seat belts you’re sending in and checkout. You’ll need to mail in your seat belts to:

40 Main St.
Westfield, MA 01085

Within 24 hours of receiving, your seat belts will be re-webbed and on their way back to you. You’ll save hundreds of dollars and be safe again!

About Safety Restore Seat Belt Company

Safety Restore has been replacing seat belts since 2013 and has tens of thousands of customers every year! With an A+ BBB rating, the accredited business strives for your complete satisfaction. Google has Safety Restore rated at 4.8/5 with hundreds of reviews from all over the world. You can be confident when ordering your dog chewed seat belt webbing replacement service from Safety Restore.

Better than Do It Yourself

Ordering from Safety Restore is cheaper, faster and better than any DIY. Because Safety Restore has the seat belt webbing manufactured in bulk, they are able to obtain the fabric at lower cost than consumer buying just the material they need. These savings are passed on to the customers. Professional automated sewing machines and experienced seat belt technicians assure quality and safe repairs that meet or exceed the FMVSS – Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. So stop putting that dog chewed seat belt off and putting you or others at risk, get it done today and be safe again! Only at (link to

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