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5 Best Practices and Easy Methods in Fixing a Stuck Seatbelt

Seatbelts are the most efficient tools in protecting both passengers and drivers in a vehicle. However, similar to other devices, they may also become subject to wear and tear and may cause danger to the users. For example, seatbelts may get tangled and stuck in the lock, causing inconvenience to the people using them. But what are the best practices in fixing a stuck seatbelt?

1. Disengage the Seat Belt From Auto-Lock

It is not uncommon for a seatbelt to become stuck in the auto-lock. One way to fix it is by pressing the button to disengage the mechanism that causes the seatbelt to be locked automatically. Once the seatbelt is cleared, you can easily pull it out.

Simply pull the seat belt out of the lock extra hard, ensuring that you have fully disengaged the seat belt from the auto-lock. Try to remove the seatbelt with a jerk, ensuring that you have cleared the seatbelt entirely so that it can be appropriately used.

2. Pry the Plastic Covers

If pushing the button to disengage the seatbelt’s mechanism has not worked, you can try to pry the plastic covers on the side of the seat belt lock. If you can pry the cover, you may be able to manually feed the belt through the hole, in which case you will not have to pull it out of the lock.

Try to pry the plastic covers using a flat-tipped screwdriver or a butter knife. Pry the covers until the seatbelt can be pulled out. When you pull out the seatbelt, make sure that you do it from the lock’s side to prevent the seatbelt from becoming tangled.

3. Pull Out the Seatbelt Completely

If there is no way to go through the plastic covers, have no fear. You can still remove the stuck seatbelt by pulling it out completely. Ensure that the power is turned off before removing the seat belt completely. If you have never done this before, this may be difficult.

Turn the lock to the right. When you are done, pull the seat belt out to the left. If done correctly, the seatbelt will come out quickly, just like that.

4. Untangle Knots

If the seatbelt is tangled, untangling it may be the only option. First, you need to put on the seatbelt to see the knot. If the knot is not near the lock, you can pull the seat belt out of the safety and start untangling it. In this case, make sure to do it slowly so that you don’t end up accidentally pulling the seat belt out.

If the knot is near the lock, you can pry the plastic covers to remove the seatbelt altogether. Once the seatbelt is entirely out of the lock, remove the knot and put the seatbelt back in the lock. Make sure that you push the seatbelt in the hole on the lock.

5. Release and Let the Seatbelt Rollback

If you have done everything, but the stuck seatbelt won’t budge, perhaps it will be better to release the system and let the seatbelt roll back. First, turn on the ignition. Next, press the brake pedal. Lastly, press the button next to the light. The seatbelt should be released.


There are many ways to fix a stuck seatbelt. Although some methods may seem a bit unorthodox, they should work. Double-check to ensure that the seatbelt is completely disengaged before proceeding to the next step. Remember to practice caution before doing anything that involves opening your car door or releasing the seatbelt.

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