Odometer Repair Shop

Odometer Repair Shop

If you are looking for an excellent odometer repair shop, and not just a regular one, then Safety Restore should surely fit your qualifications. Safety Restore is a small family-owned odometer repair shop that specializes in repairing all gauge-related issues. The company has dealt with many different instrument cluster issues. They have seen everything from broken, sticking, fluttering, and intermittently working gauges and fixing each one of them. It isn’t just odometer gauges that Safety Restore repairs, either. The company repairs faulty oil, gas, transmission, temperature, and tachometer gauges!

Besides its great expertise in instrument cluster repair, Safety Restore has several other factors going for it that set it apart from rivaling odometer repair shops. A few examples are their impeccable quality, fast turnaround time, great prices, and lifetime warranty.

To begin with, is Safety Restore’s quality. Safety Restore is a BBB accredited company and always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards. The company employs only well-trained engineers and experienced professionals to perform all the repair work. On top of that, only industry-standard tools and 100% OEM parts are used in the process.

Fast turnaround time is another factor that makes Safety Restore shine. Regardless of volume or difficulty, all orders are fulfilled in just a short 24-hour timespan, and sometimes even quicker! That is relatively fast compared to the time other auto shops or dealerships make you wait!

The prices at Safety Restore are incomparable too. An odometer repair costs only $118.99 at the company, which is up to $600 less than competing shops charge! Alongside the already affordable prices, Safety Restore attaches a lifetime warranty to all services. That means customers can send in their unit for rework without having to pay any additional fees!

Visit safetyrestore.com today and purchase the odometer repair service today!

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