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The Most Common Car Radiator Repairs

Car radiator repairs happen to be one of the more dramatic car malfunctions that drivers have to deal with. There are quite a bit of radiator repairs that go beyond the typical overheating. Here are some of the most common repairs often required for a car’s cooling system.

To start with, a failed thermostat is one of the most common causes for radiator repair. The thermostat is not attached to the radiator itself, but rather it is a kind of valve controlling how much coolant can run in and out of the radiator. It allows the engine to stay at optimum operating temperature. As soon as the thermostat fails, the car starts to overheat right away.

Having leaky radiator hoses is another typical reason for car radiator repair. Leaks within the cooling system usually don’t come from the radiator itself, but the radiator hoses. The hoses are what connect the radiator to the engine and allow coolant to move between the two compartments. Radiator hoses are a wear component, meaning they have to be replaced every so often—regardless of whether they are still working well or not. That is because, over time, they become increasingly prone to failure.

Air in the cooling system is also quite common. When air becomes trapped there, it stops the flow of coolant and decreases its efficiency.

A failed radiator fan is quite common too. Most modern cars use an electric fan to carry enough air through the radiator, which allows a car to keep cool when idle or driving slowly. An indication that there is a problem with the radiator fan is when a car does fine on the highway but overheats when standing idle or in traffic.

Aside from the repairs mentioned above, a few other common causes for car radiator repair include cooling system obstructions, a failed water pump, and radiator leaks.

Besides the radiator, another crucial component of a car is the airbag system. Let me explain just how important it is. Let’s say that your Hyundai Sonata has recently been involved in a crash where the airbags went off. As soon as the airbags went off, a computer system in your vehicle known as the SRS airbag control module stored a bunch of hard codes and crash data. For the airbags to work properly again, Hyundai Sonata airbag module repair is needed. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars at the Hyundai dealership for Hyundai Sonata airbag module repair. Instead, you can turn to the company Safety Restore for your airbag module reset. The quality of your Hyundai Sonata airbag module repair done at this company will be impeccable, and the prices will be something to be excited about too!

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