Fast & Cheap Interior Mod For Any Sports Car

The time has come for a fast & cheap interior mod for any sports car! This means you got some extra cash in your pocket, and there’s no better thing to spend it on than this. Your credit cards can wait, after all, they just want the minimum payment right? Those bald tires only make drifting more professional. What you need is something that your passengers can comment on, not just in your car, but your Instagram. Are you ready for the bomb?

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Get any color seat belts like these yellow in @kleaperm3’s BMW!

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CUSTOM COLOR SEAT BELTS!!! I know what you’re asking right now, “where were you all my life?” But before your excitement dies off, let me just tell you there are DOZENS OF COLORS to choose from. Best part? It’s DIY and CHEAP! $75 a pop. No gimmicks. If you haven’t seen them in the Daily Driven Exotics videos or Goonzsquad, let’s refresh your memory:

It’s time to rock and roll!

How to get custom colored seat belts

I know you gotta get back to Reddit or scrolling through your Facebook feed, do we’ll make this quick.

  1. Remove the seat belts out of your car. This is easy and is usually just the front 2. If you’re handy, you’re already ahead. If not, just YouTube!
  2. Order the service online and choose the color you want:
  3. Mail-in your seat belts to SAFETY RESTORE 40 Main St. Westfield, MA 01085

That’s it! Safety Restore does all custom colored seat belt swaps in 24 hours, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or money back. With an A+ BBB rating, the accredited business is the choice of tens of thousands of customers every year! Their rating is 4.8/5 from hundreds of Google reviews. YouTube, forums, and google seems flooded with their work too!

The work is carried out by experienced technicians who handcraft every seat belt with quite the attention to detail. This is the kind of stitching you should expect from them:

Seat Belt Stitching

All webbing is certified and meets or exceeds the FMVSS – Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. You will not be disappointed. Even your original manufacturer tags will be re-stitched unto the new belt.

Other Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Services

In addition to the fast & cheap mod of custom colored seat belts, Safety Restore offers webbing replacement services on frayed, old, and dog chewed seat belts. The same price of $75/ea gets you refurbished seat belts for any car! The team is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and constantly works on improving every aspect of the business to better suit customer needs. Visit – you won’t be disappointed.

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