Everything You Need to Know About Airbag Replacement Costs

Too often, some people assume that airbags play the role of seat belts. This couldn’t be more wrong. Airbags may be one of the first ever safety features installed on vehicles, but they are created to be used in conjunction with seat belts. If your car is to be involved in an accident or collision, the airbags will quickly inflate to prevent your upper body from hitting the dashboard and steering wheel.

Most new vehicles have airbags to protect its driver and passengers. Nowadays, some new models of vehicles have both knee airbags and curtain airbags. How do the two differ? In short, curtain airbags are installed to inflate on the side door’s top in front of the vehicle. This particularly would happen if the collision is on the vehicle’s side instead of on the front. On the other hand, knee airbags provide added safety to the lower body when collisions happen in front of the vehicle.

How Much Does An Airbag Replacement Cost?

Airbags need to be replaced every time they are inflated. This means that if you are involved in a collision and the airbags inflate, you will need to have them replaced promptly. In many states, it is illegal to have malfunctioning airbags in the vehicle. Your insurance company may also penalize you for failing to have working airbags installed in your car. For these reasons (along with the obvious fact that working airbags will provide protection), part of post-collision vehicle aftercare is having your airbags replaced by experts.

You might be thinking how much it will cost to replace a vehicle’s airbags. Well, it depends on some factors, such as the model of the vehicle, your location, and the number of airbags to be replaced. Below are some of the average costs for replacement, just to give you an idea:

  • Passenger Side Airbag (averaging between $400 and $1,000)
  • Driver Side Airbag (averaging between $200 and $700)
  • Knee Airbags (averaging between $400 and $1,000)
  • Side Curtain Airbag (averaging between $200 and $700)

Do not forget that all the airbags in the car will inflate to protect the driver and passenger when a collision occurs. Airbags are designed and programmed to do that. That means, if your car has a passenger-side airbag, driver-side airbag, knee airbag, and side airbag, you will need to replace ALL of them after a collision. Based on the estimates presented above, you may spend a minimum cost between $1,200 and $3,400 to replace all the airbags in your vehicle. Of course, the final quote will depend on the car’s model and the number of airbags it has.

Other Airbag Components To Consider

New vehicles have an “electronic control unit” that serves as a computer or program unit for the airbags. There are also springs, instrument panels, and sensors to make the airbag system work. Once airbags are inflated, these components should also be replaced to ensure the proper functioning of the airbag system.

It’s not only that you’re paying for new parts and components; you should also include the labor costs or repair costs in your budget. 


Airbags are designed and made to protect the driver and passengers by inflating during a collision. When that happens, you need to replace airbags and their components. Replacing airbags in your vehicle may cost several hundreds of dollars, especially if you have several types of airbags inside the vehicle. Make sure to have your airbags replaced by professionals.

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