Chevy Seat Belts

Has your Chevy been in an accident? Are your Chevy seat belts blown or locked? Our company specializes in repairing Chevy seat belt buckles, tensioners, and retractors after the accident. Not only do we deal with Chevy seat belts, but all other makes and models as well.

We deal with seat belt repair and replacement locally and also worldwide. The reason Safety Restore stands out is because of our precise work. Our certified technicians carefully take apart the Chevy seat belt and restore the entire mechanism using only OEM parts.

We have been in business for many years, and we understand that seat belts save lives. You do not want to send your seat belts to companies that do not know what they’re doing or who are not taking proper safety measures to repair your seat belts correctly. Safety Restore is a certified and trusted company. We know how to do our job, and therefore we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty for your assurance.

Simply send in your old Chevy seat belts that have been in an accident; we will repair them within 24 hours, and send them back to you working like new so that they will work to protect you in future accidents.

Safety Restore is the nationwide repair facility for post-accident restorations. Not only do we repair Chevy seat belts, but we offer airbag module reset and replace seat belt webbing as well.

Your safety is our main concern, and we want you to have your Chevy back on the road safely and in no time! Our seat belt repair service is only $65, which is a lot less than buying a brand new seat belt or going through a dealer. Save time and money by choosing Safety Restore. You will not regret it. Click HERE to get started.

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