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Car’s Seat Belt Customization: What You Need to Know

People who want to give their car a boost in appearance always go for a little aesthetic enhancement. It helps make any templated-looking vehicle look a bit more personal while also boosting its personality at the same time. Tweaking the interior is just a way to make your car a little less boring! By choosing different combinations of colors and accessories, you can turn your ordinary vehicle into something eye-catching and more comfortable.


When it comes to customizing car interiors, the most commonly-used services are changing the seat covers, steering wheel cover, dashboard, pedals, and gearstick. You can even go all out and modify your vehicle’s floor and headliner by adding LED lights. Some even adjust small details, such as the fragrance, to bring a small but powerful difference for those who ride it. 


Customize Your Car’s Seat Belt


One of the most overlooked car elements is the seat belt. Not everyone knows that seat belts are also customizable! Yet, it is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to change your car’s look. 


Seat belt customization is a service not exclusive for people who want to experiment with their car’s interior. If your seatbelt starts to experience tearing, ripping, or fraying, you can have it replaced with a better-looking—and better functioning—one. 


If you are curious about how car customization works but are afraid of trying drastic changes, you can always start small. Changing the seat belt will help you decide whether having something new is suitable and comfortable for you.


How It Works


At Safety Restore, you have more than 30 colors to choose from. Suppose you do not want to lose the logo from your car manufacturer. In that case, we can always restitch them for you—and we also follow the original factory stitching pattern to ensure its quality! While at it, we make sure that the seat belt’s assembly mechanism is all cleaned out as part of our service.


The process of seat belt customization is quick and easy. Here is what you need to do:


Step 1: Choose the Color You Want


You can always choose from all our available color options or ask us to custom design one for you. 


Step 2: Take Out Your Seat Belts and Send Them to Us


You need to remove the seat belts on your car and mail them to us. Removing the seat belts may look complicated, but it is not as difficult as you think. 


We will send over a detailed instruction on how you can do it safely. 


Step 3: Wait For Your New Seat Belts


Upon receipt of your seat belts, we will work on giving them a makeover immediately. We will ship out your brand-new looking customized seat belts within 24 hours of your parcel receipt. Instructions on how to reinstall them will be included as well. 




A little customization always leaves satisfaction to the vehicle owner. Even a small detail like the change in seat belt look can bring a noticeable difference to your car’s interior. Moreover, it can help give your seat belt better performance and better appeal at the same time. Whether you are a beginner in the customization game or a seasoned car expert, you will definitely enjoy a little interior tweak.


Whether you’re looking for seat belt customization or seat belt repair, Safety Restore is here to elevate your car’s functionality and style within a 24-hour turnaround time. We also offer a lifetime warranty and one hundred percent OEM certified webbing. Call us today to request a quotation!


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