Can’t pull seat belt out ?

Can’t pull the seat belt out?

If you are experiencing issues with your seat belt and cannot properly pull it out, do not fret. Fortunately for you, there are a few ways how to get a seat belt buckle unstuck.

To begin with, a seat belt can be stuck due to two reasons: a) the problem may lie in the retractor being locked, and b) dirt or grime may have accumulated on the seat belt, causing it to retract slower than usual and not all the way.

For the latter, a simple cleaning will hopefully fix the problem. Before applying soap or a spray-on cleaner, make sure to retract the seat belt all the way and attach a clamp or some sort of grip. That way, the seat belt will not retract back in while cleaning it. When you have clamped it, you can begin scrubbing the material webbing. If you are willing, let as much of the seat belt soak in a bucket of soapy water for a few hours, and then allow enough time for it to dry. Just make sure that you have thoroughly washed out the mixture from your belts to avoid a sticky residue or fading in the sunlight.

If the problem is due to the retractor, there is also a solution. First, pull on the webbing as tight as possible and give it an extra big yank to undo the locked belt. If this attempt does not work, you’ll have to remove the retractor from your car and use a screwdriver to spin the spool manually. This will allow the webbing material to retract back into the seat belt assembly slowly.

If you do not trust yourself in the disassembly process or are too lazy to attempt this on your own, you do have the option of sending the entire seat belt to a professional seat belt repair shop. The company Safety Restore would be the perfect company to turn to. Safety Restore provides quality seat belt retractor repair for a fair price, fast turnaround time, and a lifetime warranty attached! You would only have to pay $64.99 for the service, and it would only take 24 hours for the company to complete the repairs!

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