Airbag Module Reset 101, Why Do You Need It and How Does It Work?

Airbag Module Reset 101, Why Do You Need It and How Does It Work?

Drivers and passengers are vulnerable to fatal accidents on the road. No one can really expect when the next vehicle collision will hit; that’s why car safety features are becoming more sophisticated to ensure the people can survive a crash and minimize injuries. 

Thanks to these technological advancements, innovations like airbags make car safety better than ever before since their official launch to the public back in 1973. Airbags are made from an inflation module with an impact sensor, which works perfectly in conjunction with seatbelts as it secures the riders in place. 

How Does An Airbag Work? 

Airbags act as a force that stops the momentum of a collision, one that can keep drivers or passengers from hitting the dashboard, windshield, or flying off since the bag slows them down. This can reduce the damages, especially when the driver or passenger is already wearing a seatbelt in the first place. 

The sensors will analyze the gravity of the crash for 15 to 20 milliseconds and will inflate once the accident is proven to be fatal, which is typically between 6 to 10 km/h. The airbag will soon deflate after the 60-millisecond mark

After the Airbag Inflates, What’s Next?

After an accident, the airbag module needs to be reset since it has already been deployed. This means it won’t be useful anymore as a safety feature, so you have to go to your mechanic to restore it. 

You’ll know that the airbag needs resetting once the airbag light turns on, though keep in mind that it can trigger due to errors with the system too. In either scenario, it needs to go to the shop. It involves placing the airbag back into its module and conducting a “factory reset,” which should turn the light off.

Airbags that are damaged due to overinflation cannot be reset and must be replaced. Remember that airbag modules need to match a specific model, so be sure to check your vehicle’s original module to ensure the replacement will suit your car. 

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Replacing Airbags in the Aftermath of an Accident 

Airbags are an essential car safety technology that can save lives for years to come. On top of the well-known steering wheel airbag and passenger airbags, the industry is striving to address all possible hazard zones in a vehicle by producing side airbags and head airbags to cover every fatal angle. 

The great news is that you can buy an airbag module replacement at your local automotive service, so long as it matches your car’s original module number. 

Airbag Reset Near St. Westfield, MA

An airbag can be all the difference between life or death in a vehicle collision, so it’s critical to reset this safety feature after going through an accident. Once the airbag is deployed, it deserves immediate professional attention, and we’re a leading post-accident restoration company in the USA that provides quality seat belt repairs and airbag modules

If you’re looking for experts to reset your airbag modules, get in touch with us today at (855) 552-7233 and see what we can do to improve your driving experience.

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