Adding a Regal Touch to your Car: Purple Seat Belt Webbing

Purple Seat Belt Webbing
Our purple seat belt webbing replacement service.

Traditionally, seat belt webbing comes in the same standard colors: black, gray, beige, and brown.   If one was a race car driver, perhaps he or she would be lucky enough to find seat belt webbing in color like red or orange. Seat belt safety is no longer in its rudimentary phase; therefore, the color options drivers have shouldn’t be either. Safety Restore offers seat belt webbing in a variety of colors, including purple seat belt webbing.

The color purple has a very rich history. It has long been associated with luxury and wealth. Because the dye and process used to produce purple were costly in the middle ages, it was rare to find any purple fabric, and only the elite and wealthy could afford such a rare commodity. Back then, the dye could only be sourced from the city of Tyre (today, this is in Lebanon) from small mollusk that could be found in the Mediterranean Sea. If someone in the middle ages was wearing purple, he or she was assumed to be very wealthy and of high social status. In fact, when Queen Elizabeth I ruled England in the 16th century, she actually banned anyone who was not royalty from wearing the color.

Today, purple is a color that is much more easily accessible but still carries its wonderful history of wealth and luxury. Now, a driver can even have purple seat belts. Let’s face it – car interiors can look overly utilitarian and often lack any kind of personalization or character. Our Purple Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Service can modernize and enhance a vehicles’ interior while adding the regal status associated with purple. Purple webbing can match any car’s interior and any model. For people who drive daily, adding a color inside, such as purple, can not only enhance the interior of the car but can shift one’s mood. If purple seat belt webbing is not the choice for you, Safety Restore has plenty of colors that can match any interior and personality.

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