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A Guide to Understanding Airbag Defects for Car Owners

As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you and your passengers are safe at all times while you’re behind the wheel and they’re seated inside the vehicle. You must remind everyone to secure their seat belts as you make your way through traffic, staying alert for any potential collisions that could happen when you least expect it.

Besides seat belts, your car’s built-in airbags are also crucial. The moment airbags become defective and deploy randomly or become the very reason for putting people in danger, they fail to do their job of protecting those inside cars. If you want to take a closer look at the reasons why airbag malfunctions happen, keep reading below.

Common Types of Airbag Defects

Many kinds of airbag defects can happen, especially when you least expect it. When an airbag fails to release and do what it’s made for, it could lead to injuries. Defective airbags could also involve an airbag deploying but not having the right amount of inflation to protect you from a car accident.

Other defects are airbag deployment involving too much force, broken airbag switches, damaged inflators, and weak sensors. An airbag that deploys late is also a defect, and so is one that blows up by accident when you don’t expect it to. 

The Importance of Airbags

Your life is always on the line when you’re driving down the road because while you do follow every road safety policy and remain a defensive driver, you can’t say the same for the people around you. So when the airbag in your car contains the wrong size, it could put you at risk.

Airbags work by significantly reducing the fatalities brought by road accidents and the physical injuries dealt on drivers and passengers. If a car company can guarantee they developed vehicles with suitable airbag installation in place, they can greatly reduce the danger of death due to a car collision.

Given that, it’s not only you that’s in charge of your safety on the road—the manufacturer you decide to trust should also look after your life and that of anyone else using their products. When an airbag fails to work appropriately and deploys wrongfully, or even not at all, the people involved can face injuries not only from a collision but also because of the airbag’s manufacturing defect!

What Happens When You Use Defective Airbags?

The injuries you can face due to a defective airbag include wounds and bruises around your eyes, trauma or damage to your head or neck, scars on various parts of your body, and broken bones. Worst-case scenarios involve developing traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, burns, a loss of sight or hearing, or even death! 


If you want to make the most out of your vehicle’s performance, you must ensure that you remain safe, starting with looking into how effective your seat belts and airbags are. When you’re the designated driver, you should always maintain a position that’s at least ten inches away from the steering wheel. Once your airbags become deployed, it’s best to get a service airbag to have it replaced right away. 

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