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What You Should Know About Your Dashboard’s SRS Light

Every so often, you may notice lights on the dashboard of your car being on when they shouldn’t. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my airbag light on?” Chances are you have, though the airbag is rather self-explanatory. A lesser-known light and component of vehicles, in general, is the SRS light.


Has the SRS light gone on lately, but you’re confused or clueless about what it is in the first place? Or have you found yourself wondering what the ‘SRS’ icon on your dashboard is? 


SRS: What Is It?


It’s actually quite simple. SRS is an acronym that stands for Supplemental Restraint System. A technical term, it refers to your car’s airbag system. You probably ran into the word while looking at checklists for car inspections, the prices of new cars, or even the values of already-used cars while either selling or buying a new vehicle.


There’s no need for either driver or passenger to activate it because it’s part of the passive safety mechanism. While airbag systems actually date back to the early 1950s, they didn’t begin to gain popularity or widespread use until the 1970s. With the advancement of technology, the devices have become much more complicated, including mechanisms that include algorithms and triggers. That’s how unnecessary deployments are better managed.


Sensor messages that consider car speed and collision force are received by the control units of airbags. It is then possible to activate more restraint mechanisms. Part of those mechanisms are seatbelt pretensioners and airbags.


What does the SRS light being on actually mean?


When the SRS light is on, that’s a clear indicator there’s an issue with your car’s airbag system. There is something wrong with the control unit, and as a precaution, it was deactivated. Basically, your airbags will not deploy if an accident happens to you. This happens when the moment occurs that your vehicle’s built-in computer detects there are issues with the system’s operation or functionality. 


The whole point of the SRS device is to let the airbags deploy or have the seatbelts tighten if an accident occurs. Some car models also have a system that goes so far as to disconnect the battery and stop the fuel pump to avoid cases of fire. A good rule of thumb is to use a car finder tool to be sure what specs your vehicle has, which can interfere with your vehicle’s SRS system.


If there’s an issue, have a professional look into it. An experienced mechanic can run a full diagnostic check, including an intensive checking of both the device and its wiring components. Take note, however, that it may take some time.




An airbag light is common enough, but the SRS light may draw some understandable confusion. It’s not used as much, let alone talked about as much, either. The whole point of the SRS device is so that in case of an accident, you can be protected. You should pay full attention to it if it ever comes on. And if ever it does, bring your vehicle to the experts immediately so issues with the SRS device can be resolved as soon as possible.


Noticed that your SRS light is on? Contact Safety Restore today for an inspection! We are the world’s leader in post-accident restorations specializing in seat belt repairs and airbag modules.

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