Here’s What To Do After Your Airbags Get Deployed

When you’ve been in a crash and your airbags have deployed, it’s time to consider some serious repairs. However, every state has its own rules. In most, a car is totaled if its damage exceeds 70% or 75% of the fundamental monetary worth. In a few states, the guidelines have been modified somewhat. For example, 80% of the damage done to a car in Florida is enough to make it a complete loss.

This does not imply that your automobile is wrecked, even if your airbags have been deployed. If a sensor fails, the bag can be deployed. Thus it’s possible to keep driving even after an airbag deployment. 

That said, here’s what you should do after getting your airbags deployed:

1. Unleash the airbag warning light.

Airbag sensors triggered by bumpers or fender benders must be reset. A car will almost always feature a cautionary light that simulates an airbag repair light, much like the light on your car’s dashboard. The airbag light has to be reset if your car’s light is on. If your airbags are not working as they should, the light will remain lit, and you may have an accident.

2. Turn the airbags back on.

Usually, as long as the airbags have not been tampered with, a mechanic should be able to reset the deployed airbags in most cars. It’s essential to get your ignition examined by professional mechanics who can tell you if your ignition can or cannot be reset.

3. Do away with the airbags.

You will have to replace the airbags if your airbag was inflated to an extreme level and it went off or if you own a car where you cannot reset the airbags. Replacing the entire airbag system, and having a brand new one fitted, might be part of the solution. On the other hand, if the airbag is deployed on your steering wheel, you may want to replace the wheel and column as well, which may get expensive. 

The airbag sensor is reset, and after the new airbags are in position, your airbags are ready to go again. You would need to get the airbags repaired before you can drive the car again if you were involved in an accident in which the airbags deployed. Luckily, insurance will cover this.

To Do-it-yourself (DIY) or Not? 

Personal automobile projects require careful consideration because of the many issues that come with airbag repairs, so think twice before proceeding. Regardless of your technical skill, you must be confident that you can adequately and safely make repairs accurately and safely. Alternatively, it is also a viable option to seek professional services at a reasonable price.

Airbag repairs can be a good choice for do-it-yourselfers who have done several complex repairs and can ask for help from their peers. Airbags on vehicles are temperamental, and they might malfunction even if the car is running smoothly. Failing to finish the repair correctly might result in the airbag failing to deploy correctly, which will mean wasted time and effort because the airbag was ineffective in the first place.


In most situations, you will not be required to obtain an airbag replacement from a dealership or trained technician; but, where your vehicle warranty is concerned, you should make sure that the replacement of your airbags is covered. More than a few vehicle manufacturers ensure that the car’s indicator light goes on once the engine is turned on, then turns off after a few seconds. It does not indicate that the airbags need to be changed because of an airbag maintenance check. 

Replacing your airbag should be done as soon as possible. If you require further information, speak with your local vehicle dealership to see if anybody has worked with you in the past. And lastly, be open to taking your car to a reputed garage as the only line of action unless you are a skilled auto technician or mechanic.

Are you looking for airbag reset services or perhaps answers to airbag light concerns? SRS Restore offers complete rebuilding of car parts, airbags, and airbag lights after minor and major car accidents. Call us today and get those mechanisms looking and feeling brand new!

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