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What Should You Do When Your Seat Belt Won’t Pull Out?

When your seat belt won’t pull out, what does that mean? It could mean that the inner pin is jammed or broken. However, it could also mean that something has wrapped around the latch. Let’s explore the reasons your seat belt won’t pull out.

Why Is It Stuck?

One of the most common reasons your seat belt is stuck is due to dirt and grime. This happens when there’s a build-up of dirt and grime on the belt, which will make it difficult to pull out. 

Don’t worry; there’s an easy fix for this. If you can see dirt or have a strong feeling that the dirt is the one causing the problem, clean the webbing of the seat belt. Pull the seat belt all the way out and use a clamp to hold it open. Get a rug or fabric cleaner to clean the webbing, or use detergent mixed with a hot solution for a more thorough cleaning. 

In other cases, when there’s no presence of dirt and grime, the seat belt may just be stuck. Yes, it happens!

You can fix this by pulling it as far as possible and giving it another hard pull to release the stuck part. Doing so will unlock the seat belt. However, if it doesn’t, then that’s the time you get the help of a professional. 

How to Replace the Seat Belt Retractor

If you’re up for some DIY and you’re confident it’s something you can do, then you can replace the seat belt retractor all by yourself. All you need is a new retractor, a screwdriver, and adjustable pliers. 

  1. Remove the cover of the retractor using the screwdrivers to loosen and remove the screws. 
  2. Take your pliers and place them on the retractor mounting bolt. Turn the pliers counterclockwise to loosen the bolt, then pull it out. 
  3. Remove the adjuster bolt by turning it in a clockwise direction, then pull the bolt out. 
  4. Remove the lower lap belt mounting bolt, turn it clockwise, and hold the retractor with one hand. Pull it down and off the free end of the belt. 
  5. Add the new retractor; slide it up towards the mounting point. 
  6. Replace the bottom belt mounting bolt and tighten it using your pliers by moving it in a clockwise direction. 
  7. Replace the retractor adjustment bold and tighten it in a clockwise direction. 
  8. Insert the mounting bolt and tighten it. 

Your seat belt is crucial to road safety, and you should never hit the road when it’s not working properly. Fortunately, seat belts that don’t pull out are usually easy to fix. In fact, you can even do it by yourself. 

In the case that you don’t have the DIY skills, you can take your car to a professional, especially if you think there’s more to the issue than the ones we mentioned in this post. That way, you will have more guarantee that your seat belt will be fixed immediately before you take your car out on the road. 


You don’t have to stress yourself over a seat belt that won’t pull out. While a DIY is sometimes possible, letting the professionals handle it is still the best course of action. With that, look for a reliable post-accident restoration company that addresses issues such as this.

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