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As a vehicle picks up speed, the speedometer can tell the driver the precise speed in which it is going. Overall being an important reliable device for the driver. However, there are times when this “accurate” device can be “inaccurate”. Having an inaccurate speedometer display is obviously dangerous. Furthermore heightening the risk for a speed ticket! Making sure a broken speedometer is sent to a speedometer repair shop is vital.

Common Technical Issues With Speedometers

There are vivid signs when your vehicle’s speedometer isn’t working. One of them in which will be random occurrences while driving. The first signs of inaccuracy are when the check engine and overdrive lights will go on and off. Another sign could be a squealing noise. Without a doubt, a squealing sound from a car is never a good thing. Furthermore, not knowing the signs about the levels of certain fluids and components in your car can be dangerous. This could be caused by failing belts or other mechanical devices behind the dash, such as the speedometer cable. The best call to action is calling a specialist or searching for a speedometer repair near me.

Non-moving Speedometer Needle

Another way to spot if a vehicle’s speedometer is broken is its immobile needle. Generally, when this happens, your car will accelerate, however, the needle will not move at all. Mostly in older cars, it’s common for there to be a break in the cable connecting to the device itself. Specifically, cars that are produced after 1990 more so fail to transmit speed readings to a speedometer. Overall, a speedometer can just break over time, no matter the make of a vehicle model. When discovering this issue it’s crucial to contact a professional and get an estimated repair cost. Otherwise, the more ideal choice is contacting the best on the market! SafetyRestore already has a list of set prices.

Broken Speedometer = Ticket!

On top of a broken speedometer being annoying to the driver, it can also lead to an unwanted traffic infraction when pulled over. Basically, when a speedometer is broken, the driver cannot tell in which the speed they are going. Which could result in unnecessary speeding. Specifically, speeding tickets are far from fun and could be costly! As a result, a speedometer repair cost is cheaper than a standard speeding ticket. When shipping your broken speedometer to a company like SafetyRestore, the customer can expect to have the repaired part shipped back within 24 hours.

Don’t Try This At Home, Let The Professionals Handle It

Don’t try to do a speedometer repair at home. Doing it yourself is not only unsafe for the individual, but it’s also not wise to try and fix a car mechanical issue. Searching for a reliable mechanical speedometer repair shop is easier than most will think! Speedometer repair companies like SafetyRetore have a team of experienced professionals who specializes in speedometer repair. Delivering services that exceed more than just speedometers, but also specializes in seat belt and airbag modules. Additionally performing webbing replacements and instrument cluster diagnosis and repairs. In conclusion, SafetyRestore is an experienced company proudly providing the best services in their field. Approved by more than 5,000 happy customers worldwide. Don’t wait, get your speedometer repaired by a professional!

How to fix a speedometer that is reading wrong

How will you know if you are speeding if your speedometer is not working?

Is your speedometer not working? Is it acting all wonky and doing things that you know it shouldn’t be doing? Is it giving you a wrong reading?
Although rare, problems with the instrument cluster do arise and can be quite annoying—and dangerous too! They can especially prove dangerous if you end up following the incorrect reading on your instrument cluster and, as a result, unintentionally going way above the recommended speed limit. Driving above the speed limit can cause you to potentially lose control of your vehicle, swerve from your lane, or collide into other objects, cars, or people surrounding your car. Therefore, faults within an instrument cluster should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Now you may be wondering how to fix a speedometer that is reading wrong since you haven’t seen many people with this same issue. If you feel like you are qualified and experienced enough, you should consider finding a trustworthy set of directions online to assist you, purchase all the right tools, and attempt the repairs from home. You will need to get ahold of your OBC functions and have a digital readout of the exact mileage per hour you are traveling. Look for High OBC unlock and follow the procedures. Your actual (correct) mileage per hour should then be displayed on the bottom LCD screen on the bottom of your speedometer.

On the other hand, if you simply do not have the time, patience, or—most importantly—expertise, you should consider a different alternative. That alternative would be Safety Restore.

If you have a speedometer not working, whether your gauges are stuck, giving you a wrong reading, or working only intermittently, Safety Restore can help with its instrument cluster gauges repair services. At just $118.99, the service is very affordable and honestly way more practical than you attempting the repairs from home. Additionally, the service comes with a free lifetime warranty.

Visit safetyrestore.com and get your broken speedometer fixed today!

Things Your Local Mechanic Won’t Be Able To Do For You And Who To Turn To Instead

Looking for professional speedometer service?

Are you a new driver who has just purchased their first vehicle? Perhaps you may have always wondered where people turned to for different car repairs. After all, even though you are not an experienced driver, you may know that even the best mechanic cannot fix all car problems or specialize in everything. Below I will list a few different car repairs that your local mechanic probably does not know how to do, and who to turn to for it.

First and foremost, there is seat belt repair. After a car is involved in an accident, the seat belts tend to deploy or become locked. Depending on the car make and model, single stage, dual stage, or triple stage seat belt repair is needed. Sometimes it is not the actual mechanism that needs repair. Over time, the actual material of seat belts can become worn, torn, frayed, or ripped and need replacing.

Then there is the resetting of your SRS airbag control module. If your vehicle is ever involved in a crash, besides the seat belts locking up, the module most likely will be affected too. This small unit can store crash data and hard codes and prevent the airbags from working. That is until it is replaced or reset.

Instrument cluster repair or speedometer services are another things that mechanics do not often specialize in. Over time, a speedometer service may be needed because your instrument cluster has fluttering, incorrectly reading, or even dead gauges! This can alter the safety and drivability of your vehicle and therefore should not be ignored.

A company that specializes in all of the things above—seat belt repair, SRS airbag module resetting, seat belt webbing replacement, and speedometer services—is Safety Restore. For each of its services, from speedometer repair to webbing replacement, it offers quality work for an affordable price. The highest price that you can expect to pay at Safety Restore is $118.99 and that is for a speedometer service. Everything else falls below that price-point, which is very affordable when compared to the price for new parts at the dealer!

The service offered was truly first class and the repair to my 2010 Accord sedan left front seatbelt was superb….

Posted by Richard Holloway on Friday, February 9, 2018

Speedometer Repair Service

Speedometer Repair Service

When looking to get an important job like a speedometer repair service done, you want to make sure that you are turning to the right facility that is the best in the trade. There are several things you should be looking for that will determine whether or not you should trust that facility for your speedometer repair service.

The first thing that you should be looking for is quality work. You should search for a company that employs only well-trained and experienced engineers. You want to make sure that for a job such as speedometer repair, only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts are utilized. Also, for something like instrument cluster repair, you want to make sure that the company you choose meets or exceeds FMVSS standards. Choosing a BBB-accredited business is also preferable.

Besides quality, the next obvious thing you should be looking for is a practical price. There is of course the option of getting a brand new unit at the dealer, but why spend that much money when you can restore your present unit to factory condition for only a fraction of the price? The end result is equal either way!

You also don’t want to be waiting ages to be driving on the road again. Therefore, a company that can complete all necessary repairs in a timely fashion would be ideal.

Fortunately for you, there is already a company called Safety Restore that fulfills all of these specifications. As a matter of fact, these are the exact same things that the company offers! Safety Restore performs quality speedometer repair services for just $118.99, and offers a lifetime warranty to go along with it. The repairs are performed with upmost quality in mind by skilled engineers, and only take 24 hours or less to complete!

Visit safetyrestore.com and purchase your speedometer repair service there today!

Speedometer Service

Getting a speedometer service at Safety Restore trumps getting it anywhere else for a number of reasons. Let me explain some of them below.

Speedometer Service

To begin with, Safety Restore is a small family-owned business. That means that the money you are paying—which is quite a bit less than you’d be paying elsewhere—goes to a small business rather than a big corporation.

Second, as was already mentioned, are the great prices. Safety Restore prices its services very reasonably and charges much less than competing companies and especially dealerships. To get a speedometer service at Safety Restore, you’d only have to pay $118.99! On top of the already affordable prices, Safety Restore offers a lifetime warranty on each of its services. That means that you can send your unit in for rework in the future without having to pay any additional fees!

Third, Safety Restore ensures that quality is a top priority. It is a BBB accredited company and always meets or exceeds FMVSS standards. It also makes sure to only employ highly trained and experienced engineers to perform the repair work. The engineers are mandated to use only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts.

Another reason you’d want to get your speedometer service at Safety Restore rather than elsewhere is because the company is tried and true. You won’t just be going with any old company that you know nothing about, but rather a company that has a great track record—and for many years now. If you check any of their online platforms, you can see for yourself!

Finally, Safety Restore stands apart with its fast turnaround time. Rather than taking days or weeks to fulfill customers’ orders, the company has a 24-hour turnaround policy. That turnaround time still stands, regardless of the volume or difficulty of an order!

So why wait any longer? Get your speedometer service at safetyrestore.com today!