Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Service

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Service
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

While gas prices are at relative lows today, they are not at the lows drivers saw 20 years ago. It is difficult to imagine that $1.30 per gallon was once considered expensive. Today, the price of gas has remained relatively stable, but these prices are projected to rise soon. Unless you are driving an electric vehicle, this can mean increased cost to you. However, with a few simple steps, you can begin to reduce your fuel consumption and start saving money today!

You can increase your vehicle’s gas mileage by about 4% by keeping your vehicle’s engine well maintained. If you begin to use the motor oil that is suggested by your vehicle’s manufacturer, you can increase your gas mileage by around 1-2%. By keeping your tire pressure at proper inflated levels, your gas mileage can increase by around 3%. Maintaining and replacing air filters can improve your gas mileage by improving acceleration. Finally, make sure your vehicle’s gas cap works properly. A faulty, damaged, or missing cap causes gas to vaporize. Making this easy and cheap fix can increase your gas mileage by up to 40%!

Safety Restore understands that properly maintaining your vehicle is the cornerstone of vehicle ownership, which is why they offer seat belt webbing replacement service. You may be in need of seatbelt webbing replacement service if your seat belts are no longer functioning properly, are frayed, are stained, or you simply want to change the color of the webbing. Seat belt webbing replacement is offered in a variety of colors aside from beige, grey, and black. From pink and purple, to green and yellow, Safety Restore’s webbing replacement services have the color for you! Safety Restore uses only quality products approved by federal guidelines to ensure quality and customer satisfaction for their seat belt webbing replacement service. Contact Safety Restore today if you are in need of seat belt webbing replacement service!

What is an airbag module reset and why do I need it?

Airbag Module Reset
Airbag Module Reset Service

For a tool that promotes safety during collisions, many people do not know what airbag modules are or their function in a vehicle. Also known as the airbag sensor, diagnostic unit, and computer module, the airbag module is responsible for receiving information from the collision sensor. That information is then relayed to the airbag sensors and the airbags are deployed during impact.  Thus, having a faulty airbag module can prevent airbags from deploying when they are most needed, and can result in dangerous consequences for those in the vehicle.

Found in all vehicles, the airbag module is a computer that stores information. Thus, during a collision, the impact data is stored in the air bag module. You will know when this occurs because your airbag light will turn on until the airbag module is replaced or repaired. This information renders the airbag module useless and typically vehicle owners often replace it. However, airbag module reset is a simple process at Safety Restore. The airbag module reset service can fix your existing air bag module and save you money.

Air bag module replacement can often cost upwards of $1,000.00. Safety Restore offers airbag module reset in which the original air bag module is used, but any crash data hard codes are reset. Not only is this a cheaper option, but it is less wasteful. Safety Restore uses a OEM factory installed program to erase the crash data for airbag module reset. This process of airbag module reset leaves the airbag module good as new, saving you hundreds of dollars. With 24-hour turnaround time, your airbag module repair will be complete before you know it! If your airbag light is on, airbag module reset is not just necessary, but can possibly save your life down the road. 

Get your airbag module reset today and save hundreds at Safety Restore.