Electric or Mechanical Speedometer Repair

How important is it to have a working speedometer?

The cluster in our vehicle gives us a ton of information we are constantly relying on when we are driving. Whether that is to know how much gas we have in the tank if we are speeding, or even if the car is overheating. Any issues with any part of the cluster can prove to be a challenge on the road and can result in unsafe driving. So if you notice any of them giving you trouble, like the speedometer giving you the incorrect speed, you should get a repair or calibration. When it comes to speedometers, you can tackle it on your own if you’d like or you can go to a professional like Safety Restore. Here is a quick how-to guide for speedometer repair.

If you have an electric speedometer you would start by determining the distance of the test drive you would need to recalibrate your speedometer, which can be found in the vehicles supporting documents. Press and hold the calibration button located on the speedometer, start the vehicle and then release the button. Press that button again and then take the test drive. Once you have driven the distance needed, press the button once more and the speedometer will calibrate itself to accommodate the new tire size.

If you have a mechanical speedometer, start by opening the vehicle’s hood and locate the transmission. Next, unscrew the speedometer cable and unscrew the bolt holding the gear housing cover. After removing the plate, you will see two gears. Count the number of teeth the gears have and remember it for later. Next, get the diameter of the tire and divide 20,168 by the tire’s diameter. This is the tire’s revolutions per mile. Multiply this by the number of teeth your gears have and multiply again by the vehicle’s axle ratio (which can be found in the vehicles supporting documents). Purchase the necessary driven gear for your vehicle. Remove the old driven gear by pulling it out of its clips and clip in the new driven gear. Secure the gear housing cover and the speedometer cable back.

Safety Restore is a speedometer repair shop that specializes in your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System. They can help you with this issue if you need more assistance or just want them to do the job for you quickly and efficiently. Their services are super affordable with a speedometer repair cost being only $118.99! Visit SafetyRestore.com to learn more about this and more services.

Electronic Speedometer Repair

Electronic speedometer repair can be made easy if you turn to the company Safety Restore. Among other things, Safety Restore has been specializing in electronic speedometer repair for years now and has perfected the service.

Electronic Speedometer Repair

When getting electronic speedometer repair, you can be assured of 4 things: quality, fast turnaround, affordable price, and a painless process.

First, and of most importance, is quality. Safety Restore demonstrates quality in its employment of only well trained engineers, use of industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts, and its BBB accreditation. Always meeting FMVSS standards can also be added to the list.

The next thing that affects most customers is price. At Safety Restore, customers only need to pay $118.99 for electronic speedometer repair, which comes out to hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved when compared to other companies or dealerships. Even with this affordable price in place, Safety Restore offers a lifetime warranty to each of its customers for all services provided!

The fast turnaround time is also exceptional at Safety Restore. It takes the company only 24 hours or less to complete all orders, regardless of volume or difficulty!

Finally, Safety Restore makes the electronic speedometer repair process quick and simple for its customers. All you would need to do to get a speedometer repair is to log onto safetyrestore.com and pre-pay for the service. Then, following the instructions posted, the unit would have to be removed from your vehicle—which shouldn’t be too difficult. Once removed, the speedometer can be shipped out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA using any preferred mail carrier. The company would take care of the rest. The skilled engineers would receive the unit, perform the necessary repairs to restore the unit to factory settings, then ship it back out in just 24 hours!

Make electronic speedometer repair easy by turning to Safety Restore today!