Odometer Repair Cost

Have you ever looked at the steep odometer repair cost at some companies, or the price of purchasing a brand new odometer at the dealer, and questioned how someone would be willing to pay so much for such a simple thing? You are definitely not alone in this, and fortunately there is a solution for you. You won’t have to drive around with a broken odometer any longer, but you also won’t have to sacrifice an entire paycheck wither! All you need to do is turn to the company Safety Restore!

Odometer Repair Cost – $118.99

Among other things, Safety Restore specializes in repairing odometers. Not only does this service come with a small odometer repair cost, it is also completed in a timely fashion and comes with a lifetime warranty! Let me elaborate.

Safety Restore’s prices really are quite affordable. The company’s odometer repair cost is just $188.99. Plus, as mentioned, it comes with a free lifetime warranty. That way, customers always have the option to send in their unit for rework in the future at no additional cost!

The turnaround time at Safety Restore is incomparable too. It takes only 24 hours for the company to fulfill orders and perform all repairs.

So head over to safetyrestore.com and pay the small odometer repair cost to get yours fixed today! Then remove the unit from your vehicle and ship it out to Safety Restore in Westfield, MA. The skilled engineers at Safety Restore will take care of the rest. Using industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts, they will make sure that any and all gauge-related issues you are presently stuck with will be eliminated and your odometer will be restored to factory settings. All of your gauges—including the oil gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, transmission gauge, odometer gauge, speedometer gauge, and tachometer gauge will be working like new again and shouldn’t give you any more problems.

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