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Life-Saving Tool: Important Things to Know About Car Airbag Modules

If you have been in a car accident, your airbag most likely deployed as it was triggered by an impactful collision or after hitting a curb. In this case, an airbag module reset is needed. But do you know how to reset your airbag?

Being a life-saving tool, airbags are known by many, if not all, drivers. However, some drivers do not know much about what happens after airbags are triggered during unusual car motions like hitting a post or any hard surface or colliding with another vehicle.

This article will shed light on resetting the airbag and everything you need to know about it. Learn a thing or two about airbags and what to do with them under certain circumstances as you read on.

Resetting Your Airbag Module

Generally, airbags may be reset, depending on their current condition. Usually, if airbags are deployed after an untoward incident, they can still be reset if they are not yet damaged. It can be easily done by putting the airbag back in the airbag module and resetting the airbag light.

To reset or reprogram your airbag, just insert the car key into the ignition and switch it on. The airbag light will automatically turn on and will remain on for seven seconds, and automatically shuts off right after. When the light is off, turn the switch off and wait three seconds. You will have to do the same procedures three times. After doing it thrice, you can now start the engine.

Driving a Car without an Airbag Module

Technically, any driver can drive a car even without an airbag module, as this is not a part of any crucial mechanical cog of a vehicle. However, an airbag module is designed to be a vital component of a car to save a driver’s life in a vehicular accident. Drivers should not, in any circumstance, drive without an airbag module installed in the vehicle.

Resetting Airbags by Yourself

The most important tool you need to have when you need to reset your airbag module is a scanner. Most car models need a scanner to be reset. Using it to restore the airbag is essential after the airbag light is turned on. In most cases, the airbag light automatically shuts off after repairing the damage of the airbag.

Installing a New Airbag Module

You can opt to install a used airbag module in your car. This is normal for owners who prefer cheaper costs for airbag module installation. However, the used airbag module will still need to undergo reprogramming.

As you replace your airbag module with either new or used, you will have to reprogram your module because you should connect it to your car’s VIN. When programming an airbag module to a VIN, you need a professional to accomplish this for you.


When you buy a brand new or a used car, always ask the dealer to check if the airbag module is working correctly. It is illegal for car dealers to sell vehicles with defective airbag modules. Knowing the important things about airbags is a tall order among car owners and drivers alike. Safety should be your number one priority!

Learn how to reprogram an airbag module so you can do it yourself when you need to.  Just know that you don’t need to buy new airbag modules after accidents. You can go to post-accident restoration companies to have it reset or repaired. Safety Restore specializes in repairing seatbelts and airbag module reset services. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs. Contact us today!

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