How to Troubleshoot an Airbag Warning Light: A Guide

The airbag light in your vehicle comes on for several seconds and then goes off after the computer in your car checks the system and shows you that it’s working. If it stays on, it can indicate that there’s a problem with the airbag system. Therefore, the airbag may fail to activate in case of accidents.   

If you find yourself continuously asking, “Why is my airbag light on?” it’s best to troubleshoot the issue to ensure that it deploys during emergencies. Use this article as your guide to know how to do it.

  • Troubleshoot an airbag warning light

You shouldn’t overlook the issue when you notice there is a problem with your airbag warning light. There is likely a computer problem if your airbags have not discharged or become activated, but you still see an airbag warning light. It can be caused by a computer error or a deactivated airbag system, which can be dangerous as accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, head to a professional right away and let the mechanic run a diagnostic test on the airbag electronic control unit (ECU), the place where the data is stored. 

  • Clear the airbag ECU

Before you can shut off the airbag warning light and use the airbag, you must clear the airbag ECU. You can remove it and send it off to a professional or your car dealer to have it cleared for you and install a brand-new one after confirming there is no problem with your airbag system. 

  • Take your vehicle to a mechanic

Taking your vehicle to a mechanic right away should be your priority if your airbag warning light stays on. An expert can help you deal with your airbag light issue by examining your system using a car diagnostic internal system. They will then adjust the airbag sensor or determine other causes of your airbag system problem.

  • Reset your airbag warning light and airbags

The airbag sensors must be reset if they were triggered, even if the airbags were not activated. Otherwise, the airbags will not inflate as they should if you got into an accident. On the other hand, if the airbags have deployed, they may be able to reset in some makes and models of vehicles, but newer cars are usually not allowing the airbags to be reset. Check with your auto repair shop first to find out if you can reset yours or not.

  • Replace your airbags

If you were involved in a car accident and your airbags overinflated or popped, you may have to replace your airbags before you can drive your vehicle again. You must change the entire airbag module and installing a new one. You may even have to replace the whole wheel and column if the airbag was on your steering wheel. You can make sure your airbags are fully functional once the new airbags are installed and the airbag sensor is reset.


Your airbag warning light is an important vehicle component. If you notice there is something wrong with it, follow the tips listed in this guide and reach out to a skilled mechanic as soon as possible to resolve the issue. This way, you can drive your vehicle again and have peace of mind knowing you and your passengers can increase your chances of staying safe in the event of an accident.

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