Four Key Safety Features That Every Driver Must Know

Learning to drive is a massive responsibility, one that affects you and other people on the road. You likely know the basics about driving now, but that isn’t enough to get you through your driving sessions.

New drivers may not know this, but it’s also essential to learn about the parts that make up your vehicle. This knowledge can save you in the future, especially if what you know includes the car features that keep you and your passengers safe.

Here are some that you need to note.

 1. Horns

Horns are essential safety features of your vehicle. Since it’s impossible to see everything on the road all the time, this feature helps you stay prepared for any unexpected events that may take place.

You use the horn to warn other people on the road about your presence. When you honk, everyone is on alert. It’s a good reminder that you’re around and that they need to watch out for you, too.

High-performance car horns are louder, which is generally better. You need to hear the horn from your car to make sure that you’re not missing out on any notifications and alerts.

2. Seat Belts 

One of the biggest threats on the road is a collision with another vehicle. A lot of accidents could have been prevented if people just wore their seat belts.

When driving, you need to adjust your seat belt properly before you start moving. It should be loose enough to get in and out of the seat quickly, but tight enough that it can keep you inside the vehicle.

You should also make sure that your seat belt is always in good condition. If not, you may need to get a seat belt repair or, at worst, a seat belt replacement to ensure that you’re as safe as possible during road trips and while driving around town.

3. Airbags

Another safety feature that you need to know about is your vehicle’s airbags. These are designed to protect you in the case of a heavy collision. They deploy right before an accident happens, cushioning the blow for you.

Airbags are essential for keeping you safe. Aside from keeping you from going through the windshield, you can also use them to protect your neck, head, and chest over the driver’s or passenger’s seat.

In the event that you do get into a car accident, you need to make sure that the shop you send your vehicle to can properly perform an airbag module reset. They should also be able to test the airbag system to see whether it’s okay.

4. Lights

As you drive around town or on the highway, you need to stay alert and watch out for other drivers. It would be best if you also kept an eye out for pedestrians.

This is the main reason your vehicle has many high-quality lights. Aside from using them to signal when driving at night, they also make sure that you can observe your surroundings well at all times.

In fact, you need to replace these lights once they break. The last thing you want is for them to stop working when you may need them the most. You don’t want to experience any sudden inconvenience that can keep you from being safe out on the road.


Learning to drive is a big challenge in itself. You need to practice consistently, especially if you want to learn to drive correctly.

However, you also need to study the essential parts of your vehicle. Knowing the features that keep you safe and those you need to replace when broken can help you make the most out of your car.

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