Everything You Need to Know About Airbag Module Reset

Airbags have been our designated lifesavers in case we’re unfortunate enough to experience a car crash. While airbags are perfectly good systems, they are quite a complex collection of components that can still malfunction over time, especially after an accident. This is because the airbag sensor and module must be replaced following its deployment. Here’s what you need to know about an airbag module reset and what to expect from it.

Resetting Airbag Modules

If you’ve been involved in an accident, it is crucial to have your vehicle’s airbags replaced, or the airbag module reset. This can be quite costly since some dealerships actually need to place special orders to replace airbag modules, which greatly increases the replacement cost. The process of resetting is important for it to be used again. Failing to reset the airbag module runs the risk of being in an accident without a working airbag system for protection.

Accessing the Vehicle’s Airbag Control Module

It is important that you only trust a qualified professional to repair and reset your airbag systems properly. If you see the airbag light or have been involved in an accident, you need to bring it in and have the system checked. However, some car owners do prefer to install the module on their own. To ensure your safety when removing and installing your airbag module, here are some simple tips:

Removing the Airbag Module

  1. Disconnect the positive lead on the battery and wait three minutes.
  2. Locate the computer module, which is often located directly below the center console between the front two seats. In GM vehicles, the computer module is typically found under either the driver or passenger seat, while in other vehicles, it may be found near the floor in the center of the dash.

Installing the Airbag Module

  1. Ensure proper connections of all components, including clock springs, airbags, impact sensors, and seat belts.
  2. Disconnect the battery cables and carefully insert the reset airbag control module.
  3. Connect the airbag control module wiring plugs. Make sure the module is bolted down. If not bolted down, the airbags and seat belts may deploy
  4. Re-connect the battery after securing the airbag module.

Important Reminders

It’s quite important to remember that the airbag module must be for the exact same vehicle it came from. For example, if the broken or deployed module is from a 2008 Honda Accord, the replacement must be for the same care. Hence, some dealerships put in special orders. The airbag module part number from the original and the replacement should always match, or it wouldn’t work. The worst-case scenario is the airbag module you installed started malfunctioning when you need it, or the airbag light keeps turning on without any reason.


A car’s airbag system is a sensitive piece of equipment. It’s vital to have it checked if there are any signs of malfunction or after you’ve been in an accident. Only an airbag control module repair specialist will know how to reset your system and install it properly.

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