The Many Different Kinds of Airbags for Your Safety

Safety technology has become an essential element of the latest vehicles, and many car companies install new safety technologies in their cars. These advancements aim to keep the passengers safe at all times. 

Safety features are essential for every vehicle because protecting the drivers and passengers is a top priority. Many safety technologies are available in the market, and one of the central and convenient safety features is airbags. 

What Are Airbags?

Since you need an appropriately secure vehicle, you might have heard of airbags and what they serve to do. Airbags are probably not a new technology in car safety, and they are specially designed to protect passengers from injuries or serious accidents. 

These devices consist of a flexible fabric bag, an airbag cushion, an inflation module, and an impact sensor. They work with seat belts to keep people as safe as possible during a journey.

The airbags will protect you from injuries, as there is always a chance that your head or upper body could collide with the vehicle’s interior and injure you during an accident. In addition, airbags are coated with silicon, which is most effective for keeping passengers safe from serious injuries or fatal accidents.

Once these devices deploy after a collision, you will need to bring the vehicle to the manufacturer to get an airbag reset so you can use your car safely again.

Different Kinds of Airbags

Did you know that the ones you find on steering wheels and dashboards aren’t the only airbags available? In fact, they come in a variety, such as:


Curtain or side airbags are structured in a tube-like or curtain-like configuration to protect the head. It has been said that curtain airbags in newer vehicles can help protect up to 45 percent of the occupants from injuries. The latest cars are now fitted with side curtain airbags, side torso airbags, and door-to-door curtains that protect the driver and passengers of all three rows.


Knee airbags are designed to save the riders’ knees from serious injuries. They are fitted directly in front of the rider’s legs and the dashboard’s lower portion. When the collision occurs, they fill the gap between a person’s knees and the dashboard, sparing severe injuries.

Rear Curtain

Rear curtain airbags are now prevalent in all vehicles. They are designed to save the riders and passengers from side injuries, reducing the ratio of fatalities as well.

Seat Cushion

Seat cushion airbags were first introduced in the Toyota iQ and are designed to prevent the pelvis from driving below the lap belt during a frontal impact.

Side Torso

Side torso airbags protect riders from injuries to their lower abdomen and pelvic regions by fitting at the door panel. Newer vehicles contain two-side torso airbags, securing the rider’s rib cage and pelvic areas.

Remember, each of these needs an airbag reset after deploying, allowing you to use it several more times! It’s recommended to visit only the manufacturer for the best results.

Protect Yourselves and Passengers with Seatbelts

With a myriad of new airbags types, car safety is more improved and designed to lessen fatalities and potential injuries. Airbags now protect virtually every area of a passenger’s and driver’s body, and there’s no way to go but up since the technology is improved with time.

Remember to get an airbag reset once they’re deployed. The best place to do so is at Safety Restore. We are the world’s leader in post-accident restorations, specializing in seat belt repairs and airbag modules. We also provide webbing replacements and instrument cluster repairs. Get in touch with us today!

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