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Yellow Seat Belts

Yellow Seat Belts
We offer yellow seatbelts with our yellow seat belt webbing replacement service.

Dreaming of yellow seat belts while you stare bleakly at your old gray seat belts that have turned black by now from all the years you’ve had them? Yellow seat belts would be such a great change to not only the appearance of your vehicle, but your own emotional state and self confidence as well. Driving with yellow seat belts would give your car the update and pop of color that it needs, and definitely make it a head turner on the roads. The company Safety Restore can make these dreams a reality for you, if you finally take the step!

Safety Restore is a company that has been specializing in seat belt repair and webbing replacement for years. Throughout their many years in business, they have seen every reason for customers wanting new seat belts–whether them just being simply worn out or being chewed through by a pet! Whatever the reason, the company has been able to replace customers’ old drab black, gray, tan, or brown belts into beautiful new colors like ferrari red, cobalt blue, neon green, or illuminating yellow seat belts. Some customers have chosen to just color match their new belts to their original color, and Safety Restore was able to fulfill those requests as well. 

If you are convinced that getting yellow seat belts by Safety Restore is a must, you can be further assured by the quality this company puts out for its customers. Safety Restore only employs highly experienced seat belt engineers, ensures the use of industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts, takes pride in its quick 24 hour turnaround time, and satisfies customers with its automated stitching and exceeded FMVSS standards. Their prices are unbeatable too, especially when compared to the hundreds spent when going to a dealer to get the work done. Safety Restore can give you yellow seat belts for only $74.99 per belt!

You can get yellow seat belts done by this company quite easily. All that has to be done is logging onto their website,, selecting the service for yellow seat belts, removing your current belts from your vehicle, and shipping them out to the company. They take it from there. Within just 24 hours of receiving your package, they perform the re-webbing and ship the package back out to you.

In just a few short days you could be driving with brand new yellow seat belts and become the talk of the town! 

Seat Belt Repair Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Seat Belt Webbing Repair

Seat Belt Webbing Repair
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Webbing Repair Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

One of the first aspects to wear out on any vehicle are the tires. Maintaining tires with good tread, checking tire pressure and maintaining suitable alignment are necessary and vital aspects of vehicle ownership to prolong longevity. Here is how you can maintain your tires.

Tires are essential to provide handling and traction on an automobile. Thus, make sure your tires are not bald. To check your tire’s treads, all you need is a penny! Place the penny into the tire treads with President Lincoln’s head closer to the tire. If President Lincoln’s head is above the tire tread, then you likely need your tires to be replaced.

Next, maintain your vehicle’s tire pressure. Again, the tire pressure that is too low will wear unevenly, needing to be changed sooner. Car experts recommend drivers check their tire pressure every month, and more often during sudden temperature changes. You should also be sure to check the pressure of your spare tire. Ensuring your tire pressure is satisfactory will reduce wear, decrease fuel consumption and allow the driver to have better handling. In addition, make sure your vehicle’s alignment is not off. Experts recommend checking your alignment once a year. Signs that your alignment is off are: if the vehicle shakes at all when driving and/or if the vehicle gravitates or pulls toward one side. If the alignment is off, it could increase tire wear. Good alignment means better vehicle handling and decreased gas consumption.

Finally, while checking your vehicle’s tires, do not neglect checking if your vehicle requires seat belt webbing repair. Seatbelt webbing repair can be essential if your vehicle’s seat belts are malfunctioning, have ripped webbing, frayed or are just dirty and stained. Safety Restore offers seat belt webbing repair services on all makes and models of vehicles. With webbing in colors from yellow to black, Safety Restore’s webbing repair can match or customize any vehicle’s interior. Using seat belt webbing that meets or exceeds federal guidelines, Safety Restore’s fast and affordable seat belt webbing repair will leave your seat belt as good as new! Contact Safety Restore today about seat belt webbing repair!

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Custom Color Seat Belts

SafetyRestore's Custom Color Seat Belts
We offer a custom color seatbelts service that turns your interior from basic to eye popping.

Children are our most precious cargo in vehicles. However, in the United States, injuries from vehicular accidents are the primary cause of preventable fatalities and injuries for children ages 1-13. Expects indicate that using the correct car seat can mitigate this risk by up to 71%. Yet statistics show that 75% of car seats are not either not properly installed or not used altogether. Whether you are a new parent or one with a carload of little ones already, ensure that you have the correct car seat and it is installed properly.

First, make sure that your child has the correct seat. To find the correct seat for your child based on his or her age, look on the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) site. There is a listing or seat requirements defined by age brackets. Experts recommend that until the age of two, children should be strapped into a rear-facing car seat. Children typically outgrow infant car seats at about 8-9 months. Experts recommend getting an all-in-one convertible car seat at this point. This allows the child to continue to be rear-facing, which is safer for him or her, and then move to forward-facing.

At around 1-3 years old, the child can be placed into a forward facing set. From 4-7 years of age, the child will need a booster seat. Many drivers ignore booster seats, however, without a booster, a child’s seat belt will not fit properly. There are different types of booster seats. A booster seat with a high back provides head and neck support in the event of an accident, while a backless booster seat does not. Depending on your child’s size, a booster seat may have to be used until he or she is age 12. After 12, children can start using seat belts. To maximize safety, do not allow a child younger than 12 to sit in the front seat. Whatever type of car seat your child has, be sure to register it with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration to be alerted of any safety recalls to the seat.

Safety Restore understands that safety is essential. Thus, Safety Restore provides custom color seat belts. While children over the age of 12 can be buckled by seat belts, they don’t often keep them on. Custom color seatbelts can promote the safety of seat belts by making it easy for a parent to see if a child has unbuckled him or herself. Safety Restore offers custom colored seat belts in bright hues, like red, orange, yellow, and green. Safety Restore only uses OEM webbing fabric that meets, or often exceeds, federal guidelines for custom color seat belts. Not only will your custom seat belt webbing look great, but they will keep your little one safe. Colored seat belts can also upgrade the look of the interior of a vehicle.