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With all the laws established for the use of seat belts, it should be of no surprise that they have extended to dogs too. Yes, you read that right! There are currently eight states requiring dogs to be strapped into a canine-specific harness while driving, and soon other states will likely follow suit. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon to find car seat belt repair shops now carrying seat belt harnesses for dogs.

Car Seat Belt Repair Shop
Car Seat Belt Repair Shop serving customers Nationwide with our Mail-in Service!

So what exactly is a canine-specific harness? It is a piece of equipment made up of straps that surround and fasten together to secure a dog much like a safety belt does for humans. Many are adjustable by size to fit various dog breeds. The straps are usually made of nylon, and plastic is the primary material of the buckles. Currently, many different prototypes are available on the market, and it is just a matter of preference for the dog owner to choose from.

Believe it or not, harnesses have been created not just for dogs, but for rabbits, cats, pigs, and even parrots too! The unbelievable list goes on but that is another story. For now, legislation is mostly focused on securing dogs while driving, as they are most often driven around and can be pretty large in size.

If so much emphasis and care is taken into strapping canines in while driving, being secured as a human should be a no-brainer. Seat belts should be worn at all times while driving, and a driver should ensure that all passengers in their vehicle are safely strapped in.

If your seat belts have become locked or blown after an accident, you should bring them to a car seat belt repair shop immediately! You have the option of going to a dealer to get brand new seat belts or going to a small business that could do the repairs for you. The company Safety Restore is a car seat belt repair shop that you can trust to demonstrate quality and safety. The company can restore your seat belts to factory condition and will save you hundreds of dollars. Safety Restore also makes sure to complete all repairs in just 24 hours, so you can be driving safely again in no time!

Seat Belt Repair Shop

Seat Belt Repair Shop
Our nationwide mail-in seat belt repair shop takes care of all types of seatbelt repairs at half the cost!

In need of a seat belt repair shop that you can full trust to restore your safety and put out quality work? Look no further than Safety Restore! Owning and operating for more than five years now, the company has amassed quite a high positive review count from all of its satisfied customers. Many of them have boasted about the company’s quality that has exceeded that of other competing companies and the prices that have sparkled in comparison to those at the dealer! 

Several of the company’s key foundations set it apart from the rest and illustrate why the company has satisfied its customers from the start. To begin with, the company employs highly experienced and well-trained seat belt engineers who use industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Safety Restore has also always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. Additionally, the company offers a lifetime warranty with all of its services. A quick 24 hour turnaround is a great factor that sets Safety Restore apart from other companies as well. Customers from all over the nation can turn to the company and mail in their items in for repair, as the company is based on a ‘mail in your items for repair’ concept. Ranging from only $49.99 to $114.99, the prices are very affordable too, saving customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, if they were to turn to a dealer for the work. 

This seat belt repair shop has a range of services to offer. Whereas other companies only work with simple, single stage seat belts, Safety Restore works with them all, whether they are single stage, dual stage, or even triple stage belts! SRS airbag module resetting and seat belt webbing replacement–in a color match or custom color option–is also offered by the company. For a seat belt repair shop, Safety Restore is definitely on its game. 

If you too can now see why Safety Restore is seen as such a reputable and trustworthy seat belt repair shop, head on over to today and take a look at their services. Whether you are interested in repairing seat belts, getting webbing replacement, or having your SRS airbag module reset, you simply need to select the service and prepay for it online. The next steps simply require you to remove your current items from your vehicle and ship them out to the company for repair. Once they receive your items, in just 24 hours they will be fixed and sent back! You can be assured that your vehicle will be driving on the road–and safely–in no time!