Pretensioner Repair

You may have heard or read about the recent recall of two million Ford F-150 pickup trucks because of the vehicle’s seat belt pretensioner. If you haven’t heard about it, let me fill you in.
To begin with, let me tell you what exactly a pretensioner is. In most modern vehicles, there are special sensors that can pick up when a collision occurs and quickly unfold the various safety features intended for this kind of event. Along with the airbags, a car will set off seat belt pretensioners that jerk the safety belts a little bit tighter. This is what pulls passengers into their seats.

Pretensioner Repair
We do seat belt pretensioner repair after accidents!

In early August of this past year, it was reported that Ford was recalling a large amount of their F-150 pickup trucks. It turns out that the company discovered that the pretensioner in the car could possibly set fire if the truck were collide with another vehicle. Apparently, about 23 complaints of smoke or fire related to the seat belt were reported in both U.S. and Canada. There were no injuries reported but Ford wanted to take the side of caution.

Whereas some pretensioners operate mechanically, many modern models consist of explosive charges that rapidly tighten the belt. The pretensioner of Ford F-150s is found inside of the B-pillar, which is the part of the vehicle separating the front and back doors. When the pretensioner is activated, it releases gases inside of this B-pillar, which can be ignited by sparks. As a result, things behind it like carpeting or insulation can catch fire.

Because the seat belt pretensioners in a few Ford models were at risk of starting a fire, there was an investigation opened up into the issue. All of this led to the recall of 2 million of their trucks.

In this instance, it is fortunate that nobody was injured before the recall happened. Nonetheless, it taught the public a valuable lesson about paying attention to even minor things. If you find yourself involved in an accident, you now know that your vehicle may need pretensioner repair. There is a company called Safety Restore that specializes in just that. Safety Restore performs pretensioner repair for seat belts for vehicles that have been involved in large collisions or even minor fender-benders. The company uses industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts, so you can rest assured that safety and quality will be ascertained in the pretensioner repair. The company has also always met or exceeded FMVSS standards and provides all of its customers with a lifetime warranty.

Seat Belt Pretensioner Reset

Seat Belt Pretensioner Reset
We offer seatbelt pretensioner reset services through our mail-in nationwide program.

In need of a seat belt pretensioner reset? You may feel overwhelmed trying to find the perfect company to turn to for this job, who can guarantee both safety and quality. Your searching can be over when you turn to Safety Restore!

Safety Restore is a company located in Westfield, Massachusetts that has been helping its customers throughout the country in all their seat belt needs. Owning and operating for more than five years now, they specialize in repairing single stage, dual stage, and triple stage seat belts, replacing  seat belt webbing, repairing seat belt retractors, and of course–performing seat belt pretensioner resets. Their expertise in quality and safety has shown through with all the positive reviews they have amassed from the start. The company employs only highly trained and experienced seat belt engineers and technicians. For each service, the certified technicians use 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Each seat belt pretensioner reset is tested with a dual-pro system. From the beginning, the company has also always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. You can save yourself a lot of money and worry by purchasing a seat belt pretensioner reset at Safety Restore instead of buying replacement seat belt buckles at the dealer or finding used seat belt tensioners at a junk yard! At Safety Restore, the service comes out to an affordable $64.99! Furthermore, a lifetime warranty is attached to it. In the slim chance that something goes awry with the unit in the future, the company will provide a rework at no additional cost! A 24 hour turnaround time can also be expected. Safety Restore welcomes all makes and models of vehicles as well, so the service can be performed on your vehicle–regardless of what you drive.

If you are in need of a seat belt pretensioner reset, it is best to get it done sooner than later. Head on over to There, you can select and pre-pay for the seat belt pretensioner reset before sending in your current unit for repair. You can use whatever carrier you prefer when shipping out to the company. Once the seat belt masters receive your package, they will perform all necessary repairs and ship the newly reset pretensioner back to you. It should be functioning like new again, meeting or exceeding the manufacturer specifications. It will no longer have a ‘compressed’ look and in case of an accident will be guaranteed to work.