Seat Belt Tensioner Repair

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair
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Gas prices have remained stable throughout the last few years. However, we all know that prices will increase around the holidays as there will be more travel. If you drive a vehicle that requires gas, you will likely feel the financial burden of increased prices soon. However, there are some driving habits you can incorporate to increase fuel economy.

Driving calmly and following the speed limit can decrease gas consumption. Unnecessary acceleration and braking consumes a lot of gas and rarely does anything to improve driving time. Speed limits between 45-60 miles per hour maximize fuel economy; after 60 miles per hour, your gas consumption increases greatly. By going with the pace of traffic or following the speed limit, you can improve your mileage by up to 30% on the highways and 5% in the city.

Next, pack only necessities and avoid roof racks. Added weight decreases fuel economy. In fact, every 100 pounds can decrease fuel efficiency by 1-2%! Roof racks especially hinder fuel economy because they not only add weight, but cause aerodynamic dragging. Thus, unless you are using the roof rack for a specific trip, leave it at home or try to fit your cargo into the trunk.

In addition, limit air conditioning use by using your vehicle’s own ventilation system. When driving at lower speeds, you can also open the windows for ventilation. Air conditioning can hinder fuel economy by up to 20%! Similarly, do not let your vehicle idle for long periods of time. Ten seconds of idling can use as much gas as it takes to restart the vehicle! By turning off the car and waiting, you can increase your fuel economy.

Fuel economy habits are important, but not as important as maintaining your seat belts. If your seat belts are in need of seat belt tensioner repair, do not postpone this fix. Safety Restore provides seatbelt tensioner repair that can leave your seat belts as good as new. Seat belt tensioner repairing is necessary when seat belts do not retract automatically or retract slowly. This seemingly innocent problem could mean an injury or death in an accident. Safety Restore’s seat belt repair is rapid and affordable. With a 24-hour turnaround time and quality products that meet or exceed federal guidelines, your seatbelt repair will ensure the full safety of seat belts. Contact Safety Restore today about seat belt tensioner repair!

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair For Safe Driving

Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Service
Seat Belt Tensioner Repair Service

With more Americans driving more miles than ever, road rage incidents have been on the rise. Be prepared by taking simple steps to ensure your own anger does not escalate.

First, the golden rule is not to take driving personally. Try not to engage in road rage by keeping your cool even if other drivers are not following the rules of the road or being aggressive. Do not engage in escalating behaviors, such as brake checking, retaliatory cutting off, flipping off or swearing.  Instead, take a deep breath and try to get away from the dangerous driver or report the driver. While you cannot control an aggressive driver, you can control your reaction and choose to leave the situation.

Furthermore, be sure to take steps to reduce your stress during your commutes. Stress exacerbates any other emotions. Thus, if you are stressed, you are more likely to experience intense anger when confronted with an aggressive driver.  To reduce stress, make sure you leave enough time for your commute. Not only does this decrease your stress, but it prevents you from becoming an aggressive driver who needs to make up 5-10 minutes on a commute by speeding. Additionally, make sure of your physical comfort every morning before leaving. Adjust your seat comfortably and make sure your mirrors are properly situated.  You may also choose to play some relaxing music on your commute.

Finally, make sure you are following preventative road safety rules, such as following the speed limit and wearing your seat belt. If your seat belt is not retracting properly, Safety Restore can help with seat belt tensioner repair. Safety Restore offers the seat belt tensioner repair service by rebuilding seat belts that have been locked or blown after an accident. Whether you were in an accident or your car was purchased from an auction, seatbelt tensioner repair is necessary to ensure the safety of anyone driving the vehicle.  Using only 100% OEM parts on seat belt tensioners, this service is available with every make and model. We also provide a Lifetime Warranty on all our repairs. Do not go another day driving a car with a faulty seat belt; get your seat belt tensioner repaired to ensure your safety and the safety of anyone in the vehicle.