Does My Airbag Module Need to be Replaced?

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, or know of someone who has, you probably know some of the things that follow. At times, only small parts need to be replaced, if the damage wasn’t severe. In more serious collisions, sometimes an entire vehicle needs to be sent in to an automotive shop for repair work. Even if the car doesn’t look too damaged on the outside, there are often internal components that could have been impaired or completely destroyed during the crash.

Does airbag module need to be replaced?
Does my airbag module need to be replaced?

One important mechanism that is found in a vehicle is the SRS airbag module. If you find your vehicle involved in a crash, you should know whether or not the module needs to be reset.

The best way to tell is to see if your airbags have deployed during the crash. This is something you will not be able to miss, as you will likely have felt a slight impact from the large force of pressure that was released. If the airbags did deploy, you will need to get brand new airbags, and the SRS airbag control module will need to be reprogrammed to remove all the crash data and hard codes from the accident. The impact sensors and clock spring may also need to be replaced if they suffered any damage or were melted during the accident. This all needs to be done to restore the car to its factory condition and have it drive properly.

If your airbags did not deploy during the accident, that should be an indication that an SRS airbag module is not needed.

You can choose to reprogram your SRS airbag module yourself. Or, you can turn to the company Safety Restore to do the work for you. That way, you can rest assured that the unit is in knowledgeable hands and the repairs will be properly completed. You’ll also save yourself from the headache of finding the proper materials, tools, and software to get the work done.

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Seat Belt Webbing Replacement
SafetyRestore’s Seat Belt Webbing Replacement Services – Nationwide Mail-in Order Service

This time of the year, many drivers are beginning to winterize their vehicles. From snow tires to windshield wipers, drivers are prepping for the harsh months ahead. However, drivers do not often think about headlights and taillights, which are important safety features on vehicles. Headlights and tail lights are your first defense from other drivers. If other drivers cannot see a vehicle, they will not be able to react to it. Proper maintenance of headlights and taillights not only allows the driver better visibility, but allows others to see his or her vehicle more easily.

If you cannot remember the last time you replaced your headlights and taillights, now may be the time for an upgrade. There are a variety of types of headlights, and if drivers would like to see better, they should look into the different options. Options such as brighter light or a whiter light helps drivers by contrasting the road better or increasing how far out a driver can see. The general rule is that headlights and taillights should be replaced before they burnout. This is because with on side out, drivers are already at risk since others on the road cannot see the enormity of their vehicles. Moreover, if one headlight or taillight is out, both should be replaced. Headlights especially become more dim as they age. Thus, if only one headlight is replaced there will be uneven light coming from that side, which can be a distraction for other drivers and create an uneven field of vision for the driver. Make sure your vehicle’s lights are working; remember, headlights and taillights are your first line of defense against other drivers.

While you are checking on your vehicle’s lights, do not neglect making sure your seat belts are maintained. If you need seat belt webbing replacement, Safety Restore can help. Safety Restore offers webbing replacement in a variety of colors: from exotic colors like pink and purple, to sporty colors like red and yellow, and basic colors like grey, black and beige. Seatbelt webbing replacement is often required if your seat belt has damage to the webbing or simply is beginning to look outdated. At Safety Restore, seat belt webbing replacement is a painless process that will save you hundreds of dollars compared to dealerships. With a 24-hour turnaround time, your seat belt webbing replacement will be completed and on its way back to you in no time. Contact Safety Restore about seat belt webbing replacement today!