Red Seat Belts

Red Seat Belts offers Red Seat Belts by replacing your existing webbing with the color red.

Why stick with your regular old black, gray, tan, or brown seat belts when you can have luxurious Ferrari red seat belts? Gone are the days of sticking with the crowd and having the same color seat belt as everyone else on the road. Now, you can stand apart from the rest, while still not compromising your safety–thanks to the company Safety Restore!

Safety Restore can re-web your current seat belt webbing into red seat belts in just 24 hours! They have years of experience working with seat belts, and have a high positive review count from all their satisfied customers. With their employment of only highly trained seat belt engineers, 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools, automated stitching, and exceeded FMVSS standards, you can be highly assured of the quality of the seat belts the company puts out. Additionally, when getting red seat belts at Safety Restore, the company goes above and beyond by offering a lifetime warranty. The pricing is unbeatable too! Unless you want to throw a handful of hundreds away by going to the dealer to get the work done, Safety Restore is the most practical alternative. Getting red seat belts costs only $74.99 per belt! When replacing the webbing on your seat belts, the engineers are careful to remove the old  material down to the spool, clean out the assembly mechanism, replace all the original accessories and tags, and replicate the original factory stitching pattern onto the new seat belts. All this just goes to tell you just how much the company values safety, and quality too. 

If you are still not convinced, the simple process of getting the work done should do it for you. All you have to do is purchase the service for red seat belts online at, remove your current seat belts from your vehicle that you want the webbing replaced on, box the items up, and ship it out to the company using any preferred carrier. The seat belt masters at Safety Restore take it from there! As mentioned before, in just 24 hours upon receiving your seat belts, they perform the webbing replacement and ship them right back to you to receive in a few days! You can then install your red seat belts and take pride in how your vehicle will stand apart from the rest. Your vehicle may not be a head turner, but with red seat belts it definitely will be! 

Red Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Looking for a red seat belt webbing replacement? Safety Restore offers an incredible Ferrari red seat belt color that will look amazing against any interior! Whether your interior is black, red, tan or white, a red seat belt will surely stand out. You may want to replace the red seat belt webbing just for looks or if your seat belt actually needs to be replaced due to it being frayed, worn out, cut, ripped or chewed by your dog! As you may already know, the dealer charges an arm and a leg for a new seat belt and if you want it to be in red, that’s a ton more. With us, you get to keep your existing seat belt with brand new seat belt webbing. Take a look at this interior that was done by our customer using our red seat belt webbing replacement:


red seat belt
Red Seat Belt Webbing Replacement

Seat belts may also be referred to as “safety belts.” Safety belts are vital safety components in every vehicle and it is crucial that they are in working order at all times when the car is being driven. With our seat belt webbing replacement service, you can get your seat belts repaired quickly and at a low price! In addition, all seat belts we repair come with Lifetime Warranty.

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