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Why It’s Important To Fix Seat Belt After Any Accident

Don’t wait to fix seat belt of your car!

A seat belt can get jammed as a result of many things. There are two more common reasons to look for. The first is when dirt and grime are on the seat belt webbing causing the belt to retract slower than normal. The second is when the seat belt retractor is locked.

If the issue is with the dirt and grime, you would need to clean the webbing thoroughly. First, retract your seat belt until there is no more slack. After that, take a clamp and place it near the retractor. Next, spray on a cleaner such as a carpet or fabric cleaner, or if you do not have that – hot water may work fine. Brush in the cleaner until there is no more dirt or grime left on the webbing. Sometimes, soaking the webbing in water for a while can help loosen some grime or dirt that is stuck on there. Once the webbing is clean, dry the webbing for a good amount of time making sure it is fully dry before retracting the seat belt back into the mechanism.

Now it is time to fix the seat belt. First, pull the webbing out of the seat belt completely and then give it a yank to undo the locked belt. If that doesn’t work out, try taking it out of the vehicle entirely. Then, using a screwdriver, you can manually spin the spool. This slowly retracts the seat belt webbing back into the mechanism.

If you do not think you are able to do this safely and/or correctly, it is best to steer on the safe side and have a professional handle the seat belt repair. The last thing you want, I am sure, is a faulty working seat belt that you trusted, when you need it most on the road.

Safety Restore is a post-accident restoration company offering several services. They can fix a locked seat belt after an accident, along with getting your module reset, custom seat belts, and more. Using 100% OEM parts and offer a lifetime guarantee on all their services. With a 24 hour turnaround time and thousands of happy customers, you can rely on them to get you back on the road safely. Visit to get started and to learn more about their services, such as getting custom seat belts.

After an accident our seatbelts locked up. I was a little skeptical when I found this option online – because like…

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Seat Belt Repair

Fix Subaru Legacy Seat Belt

Fix Subaru Legacy seat belt or get them replaced today!

Using your seatbelt when inside of a vehicle is the law in all states except for New Hampshire. This is due to the fact that your seat belts have the important job of protecting you in the event of an auto accident. However, though the seat belt is very important, the seat belt is only as good as how they are used and in what condition they are in. Some people may not use their seat belts at all or simply buckle it in behind them as to avoid the annoying warning sound. This just renders the seat belt useless. However, others, though may be using the seat belt properly may still not be fully protected because the seat belt has become damaged in some way. This can result in the seat belt not being able to protect you to its fullest potential. This needs to get addressed quickly.

Over time, Seat belts can get worn, frayed, rip and can even stretch. These situations may call for you to fix Subaru Legacy seat belt or get them repaired or replaced. A few things to look out for is if your seat belt is constantly getting jammed, not retracting, if your seat belt pretensioner gets blown during an accident, or if your beloved dog chewed into the seat belt. All of these may cause your seat belt to not be able to protect you fully, or even at all perhaps.

This situation would call for you to fix Subaru Legacy seat belt, whether that means getting it repaired or replaced. If you go to a dealer, you may be looking to spend hundreds of dollars. The dealership will likely recommend getting the seat belt replaced rather than repaired aside from what the cause may be. However, that is not always the case. Often, getting the seat belts repaired rather than replaced is enough.

Safety Restore is a post accident restoration company that specializes in seat belt repair as well as repairing all other components in your Subarus Supplemental Restraint System. They can fix Subaru Legacy seat belt, whether it’s a repair or replacement for a fraction of the cost at the dealers. They repair everything to factory condition! The process to getting your new seat belts is quick, simple, and affordable. Simply check out online at Then, send in your seatbelt to their repair shop. Once the expert technicians receive your item they will repair and send it back within 24 hours, getting you back on the road quickly and safely. They use 100% OEM parts and offer a lifetime warranty as well so you are guaranteed to drive away a satisfied customer.

we have done alot of business with safety restore, they do an excellent job with restores and the turnaround is fast!

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Seat Belt Repair

Fix Seat Belt In Ford

If your vehicle has been in an accident, it is important to check its supplemental restraint system. This system protects the driver as well as any passengers inside the vehicle in the event of an accident. If that accident occurs, you may be looking at potential repairs that may need to occur. If you are one to try to take on the task on your own, it is important to know how the SRS works before attempting to fix the seat belt or rest of the system.

In newer seat belt systems, a pretensioner works with the conventional seat belt system to keep you safe. Rather than just stopping the seat belt from extending further, a pretensioner tightens any slack that may exist. The gas in the pretensioner flares when an accident occurs which causes the pressure to build up inside. This rotates the retractor, tightening the seat belt webbing. If the force of the impact is very strong, the seat belt retracting may not be enough to put the individual securely into their seat.

Sometimes, the individual may end up stretching the seat belt and can hit what is in front of him, it being a steering wheel or something else. For this reason, try to drive with your hands at the 10 and 2 o’clock position rather than the 11 & 1 o’clock. If you are wearing a watch or ring(s) and your head hits it with the stretching of the seat belt, there may be more damage.

Sometimes, the project may be too much or dangerous for a DIY. If necessary, they may need to get reset, replaced, or repaired by a professional. Safety Restore offers many services including repairing your fords seat belts, seat belt webbing replacement, airbag module reset, and more. Their expert technicians repair with 100% OEM parts. Safety Restore also offers a lifetime guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No wonder they are trusted by thousands of customers. You will walk away a happy driver, and safe in the car. To learn how they can save you time and money, visit

Seat Belt Repair

Fix Subaru Forester Seat Belt

Fix Subaru Forester seat belt today

Car Body Parts Most Commonly Damaged in Accidents

Whether you have just been involved in a car accident or you have just purchased a used car with some damages, car body repairs are an inevitable part of vehicle ownership. When a car is involved in an accident, several body parts usually absorb the brunt of the crash. The seven most commonly damaged body parts in car accidents are the front bumper, the fender, the rear bumper, the grille, the hood, the trunk lid, and the front and rear doors. Below I will go into further detail on some of these car parts.

To start, it does make sense that the front bumper tops the list. Most car accidents involve at least one vehicle traveling forward. Therefore, the front bumper is the first thing to receive the blow. Rear bumpers get damaged, cracked, dented, and bumped into fairly often too.

The fender is another common area of a car to get damaged in the case of a car crash. Although people sometimes confuse the two as one, bumpers and fenders are different parts and can be differentiated as follows. Bumpers are located at the front and back of a vehicle and are made to protect the vehicle from impacts, whereas fenders are the frames of the wheel wells. Similar to bumpers, fenders absorb a lot of the force from an impact—especially during side collisions.

Hood damage happens quite a bit too. This can be a major problem, especially if the hood gets pushed back far enough to occupy the passenger compartment of the vehicle leaving the compartments underneath to get damaged or start leaking.

If the car accident occurs from the side, the doors almost always get damaged. This usually includes the glass windows in them, which almost always get shattered.

If your own Subaru Forester has been involved in a car accident recently, you should check to see if any of these parts mentioned above need fixing. While you are checking for those, you might want to check the status of your seat belts as well—as these are the most important safety components in your vehicle. If you realize you need to fix Subaru Forester seat belts, get the repair done immediately. The great thing is, you don’t have to turn to a Subaru dealership to fix Subaru Forester seat belts. The company Safety Restore knows how to fix Subaru Forester seat belts and can do the job for you for only a fraction of the price at the dealer. It also completes all repairs with a fast turnaround. Simply log onto and select the service for Subaru Forester seat belt replacement.
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Where to fix your seat belt

Safety Restore is the #1 company for where you can fix your seat belt

As with any type of mechanism that is used often, seat belts can become faulty and need repair and/or replacement.

When it comes to the replacement of seat belts, new ones can be purchased at the dealership. At the dealer, you can expect to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a new seat belt. It will be a quality seat belt, but imagine how much you’d have to pay for a whole set of them for your car! Another option when trying to replace the seat belts in your vehicle is searching online in places such as eBay. Others choose to head over to a junkyard to buy affordable replacement seat belts there. Although junkyard belts may not always be the best in terms of functionality or safety, they are certainly cheaper than new seat belts at the dealer. You can end up buying seatbelts at a junkyard for as little as $30!

Of course, there are still other options available for people with faulty seat belts. Many do not know this, but seat belts can be fixed—they do not always have to be replaced! Some people choose to purchase the necessary tools needed for the job, find informative instructions online, and attempt the repairs from home.

If you don’t see yourself being the latter type of individual (not everyone is hands-on, after all!), but you also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars at the dealer or risk buying belts at a junkyard, you have still another option. You can turn to the company Safety Restore.

Safety Restore is a business that specializes in repairing faulty seat belts. It works with a single-stage, dual-stage, and triple-stage seat belts and even provides a seat belt webbing replacement service—in both a color match and custom color option. The company guarantees quality and safety and performs repairs at an affordable price point. Plus, it completes all orders with a fast 24-hour turnaround time—regardless of volume or difficulty of an order. For all services, a lifetime warranty can be expected. If you need seat belt repair, simply log onto today!

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Fix Seat Belt

Fix Seat Belt
We fix seat belts after accident.

You may be looking to fix seat belts but don’t know who exactly to turn to for a reasonable price and quality work. You know that turning to a dealer will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, but the only other option you can think of is going to a junk yard. With a junk yard however, you know that there will never be a sure way to know of the condition that the seat belt is in.

Lucky for you, there is a company, Safety Restore, that can not only fix seat belt, but also do it for the fraction of the cost of a dealer. Quality is a guarantee too. The company only employs highly trained and experienced seat belt engineers, ensures the use of 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools, and has always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. Additionally, customers can expect the services to be completed in just 24 hours and to have a lifetime warranty to go with it. The pricing, as mentioned, is quite affordable. If you want Safety Restore to fix seat belts for you, you can expect to pay between only $64.99-$114.99, depending on the stage of your seat belts. 

Unlike other companies who only know how to fix the simple belts, Safety Restore can fix seat belts of all kind–whether they are single stage, dual stage, or even triple stage! They also perform seat belt webbing replacement–in both a custom color and color match option. With the color match option, there are many colors to choose from, including but not limited to Hot Pink, Ferrari Red, Illuminating Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and Neon Green! 

The process of having Safety Restore fix seat belts for you is fast and simple as well. All you have to do is log onto their website,, select the service to repair your seat belts–keeping in mind the stage of your seat belts–and pre-pay for the items before sending them in. Then you just need to remove your seat belts from your car, box them all up, and ship the package out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. They will receive your package, perform the repairs in just 24 hours, and then ship the package back out.

Whether you want to fix seat belts of single, dual, or even triple stage, or get your webbing replaced, head on over to Safety Restore. Don’t even think about going to the dealer and especially a junk yard!